2019 Lexus RX350 - 15 Months $345 + Tax - 2K Down + 2K MSD - 15 Payments Left

2019, Lexus, RX350, Premium Package, Navigation, Blind Spot, 20 inch wheels, Moon Roof, Roof Rails, etc… See window sticker for more details.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

MSRP: $53,389
Monthly payment $346 + Tax ($380 tax included on 10.25%)

Current mileage: 17,100
Maturity mileage: 36,000
Effective miles per month: 1,260
Maturity date: 05/12/2022 (15 payments left)

MSD due: $2,000
Cash due: $2,000
Incentive for new lessee: N/A

Financial institution: Lexus Financial Services
Transfer fee: $200 (I believe)
Out-of-state transfer allowed: Don’t care as long as you schedule the pick up or shipping.

Damage waiver paid for and is calculated in the lease payment (I believe Lexus allows up to $7,500 in damages on no more than 3 separate panels).

One door ding on the left side quarter panel (almost unoticeable), ding did not break into the paint and could be taken out by a PDR guy if you really wanted it gone. Either than that everything else is in excellent condition.

Vehicle was hit by an unknown object while parked a few months ago (pretty sure a crackhead kicked both my doors) and did require right front door and right rear door replacement. Vehicle was repaired by a reputable local body shop here in the Los Angeles area using all original parts (work paid for by my insurance company, I have paperwork and invoices if needed).

If you need any additional details just DM me.

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Sounds like my school’s parking lot.


It actually happened at USC :rofl:

why are the bottom of the driver side and rear passenger seats all messed up and wrinkled? doesn’t look like you took care of this car

When you have babies (someday) and you have to install and tie down 2 car seats to the back seats, we will talk about how your back seats look.


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i have two kids, i put towels underneath the car seat to protect it, u just smash it up and don’t care

Not sure what good the towels will do underneath the car seat, they’re still going to get smashed under there.

What you doing on this thread anyways? Don’t you have a RX350 F Sport, lol.

Go enjoy your car bro, hopefully the leg muscle you pulled while ice skating is better now :rofl:

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