2019 Lexus RX deal check - NorCal

I have 2 questions about this 2019 Lexus NX lease deal I’m researching:
MSRP: $57,538
Selling price: $51,121 (11% off)
MF: 0.0012 RF: 51%
Zip: 94024

  1. Did I enter the dealer quote in the lease calculator correctly? The “$1200 amount applied upfront” from the dealer looks different than the $580 Down Payment in calculator.

  2. In terms of improving this deal -
    a. I checked edmunds and the money factors looks like it should be 0.0006 instead of 0.0012. Am I missing something?
    b. The low residual value seems to be balancing out the incentives.
    c. 11% of MSRP seems decent, and I’m still calling around


The dealer is marking it up to make more profit.