2019 Lexus NX lease, is it a good deal? $479

Hi, I am helping a friend with a lease, it’s 2019 NX F sport. What do you think about this deal? It says 1995 cash down, however 1500 is MSD’s. It’s in Philadelphia, 7500 miles a year. All feedback greatly appreciated.

On the Lexus website it says the current deal on a NX300 is $369 with $2000 lease cash and $2999 down. for a 10k mile, 36 month lease. What options did you add?

Its msrp $49253, f sport almost all the options.

Not a good deal. Aim for around $350 a month. I currently have a 18 NX300 F Sport $45k MSRP 12k miles $2k down for $317 from SoCal.

Would be great to see the breakdown of that deal @payam . That would actually be helpful.

I would think not a good deal; I just did this deal in GA with a higher MSRP, higher mileage, no MSDs, $516 DAS, and rolling in $224 of neg eq:

It looks to me like your deal has the $1995 down which is basically the MSD and 1st mo payment, and the $1066 credit from the trade-in. Considering I rolled almost every dollar of taxes, fees, etc into mine and both deals still have a very similar selling price, I think your selling price should be lower - you should be able to get close to 12% discount before incentives/rebates now that the 2020’s are out.

Not accounting for different regions, of course. I’m not sure how PA works, it looks like the monthly payment there is taxed? Is the $479/mo including tax?

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$479 that includes taxes, in Philadelphia 11%

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