2019 Lexus IS300 RWD SoCAL lease offer 0 driveoff

Hi Hackrs

This is my first deal post. I am Raffy and from Carspecs (broker in SoCal)

I have a lease offer for a 2019 Lexus IS 300. This deal expires 04/01/2019!

Below are the details:

Term 10k miles / 36 mos
Credit Tier 1
Sales Tax 7.75% (varies were you live but this deal is based on this sales tax)

MSRP 39615
Selling Price 36878 (before incentives)
Incentives 4500
Acquisition Fee 795
Govt fees 542.75
Doc fees 85
Residual 20203.65 (51%)
Money factor 0.00085 (tier 1)
Down 0
Driveoff 0
Monthly payment with tax 472.85
Region SoCal
Leashackr score 7.3

I tried to put in the calculator but calculator comes up a little bit more expensive

If you’re interested with this deal contact me via 909-961-4041 or email ralph.randrup@gmail.com and the following

  1. Your name and contact info
  2. Credit application from you done online on a secure site

Once you contact me, we can talk about delivery and everything else that’s needed to get the deal done. Must be Tier 1 credit to get this deal. If you have different credit then just let me know and we can build a different deal for you.

This is only thru April 1st 2019 so contact me now!