2019 Lexus ES350 F Sport - Good Deal?

Hi Guys,

I just got this offer for a 2019 ES350 F Sport. I’m in SoCal. What do you guys think?

MSRP: 51,664
Selling Price: $41,914
Discount/Rebates: $9750 (I believe this includes the current $4500 rebate)
Terms: 36/10, No MF was disclosed, but I’m assuming they used 0.00025 and 53% Residual
Monthly: $495 including 8.75% tax
Drive Off: $1200

If I take out the Lexus rebate, then the dealer discount is only 10%. I was hoping to do close to 12% discount before Lexus rebate. Do you think I can do better and shop around for more aggressive offer?
Also with their numbers and using LH calculator I’m getting only $477 with tax. I don’t know where there are getting the extra $18/mo in their calculations.

Anyone can give me feedback on this?

Try to get the monthly with 0 DAS. Basically, ask for 2% more discount before incentives.

Not sure how to post a new thread so hopefully my post also helps with your situation.

Trying to figure this one out… looking over the lease:

The MSRP was 37,825

Options brought it to 38,509

Fees brought the Stickerprice to $39,504

on my lease agreement, the agreed upon value of the vehicle (before any extras such as contracts, insurance, etc) is $41,204.

Did I get hosed on my lease ?

Make sure you tripe read everything

sounds like you paid over sticker unless you’re reading the net cap cost…

If the numbers aren’t close enough on your calculator then they are hiding stuff. Just because they say you are getting xx in discount doesn’t mean they aren’t adding stuff elsewhere. It is simple math, no magic, so make sure the numbers you are getting are within a few dollars of their payment. Try to push for 12%. I am actually looking for an ES as well now, will keep people updated.

Test drove a 2019 GS F-Sport AWD . The lethargic and old 6-speed tranny ruins an otherwise great sport sedan.

I love the GS350. One of my favorite cars. I thought the transmission was very good in it, compared to the new 8 speed. Too bad they are all around 700/mo in my area with 0 down.

Check the California broker thread, one of the brokers has this car for less.


I’m trying to figure out how to match a dealer’s lease quote on a 2019 Lexus ES350 Luxury. These are the numbers I have:

MSRP: 49,620
Selling Price: $43,833
Rebate: $4000 plus 1st month payment $446
MF = 0.00025
Residual = 51%
Monthly payment (calculated by dealer) = $446 includes 8.75% tax
Drive off amount = $2222 (includes 1st month payment, DMV, doc fee, bank fee, upfront taxes)

I’m trying to get to this same figure with lease calculator, but not successful. How do we deal with the 1st month payment rebate from Lexus in the lease calculator? I don’t quite get how I’m getting a rebate for the 1st month payment, but also payment it in the drive off amount? Can someone explain this to me?

By the way, is this a good deal or can I do better with the selling price?


Here it is roughly on the calculator:

Using the negative DP trick makes the numbers match 100%.

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So what exactly does the negative DP show? Does the dealer use the same technique to get to their number or how do we interpret this?

No, it’s used just to match exactly the same DAS amount that the dealer has structured.

So to try to match what the dealer is doing is to first calculate the lease payment with just the $4000 rebate (not add the 1st month rebate to the “taxed incentive section” and then once the monthly payment is calculated we add that amount to the rebate section of the lease calculator since at first it is not known what the 1st month rebate will be…is that correct?

You should be able to hit 12% with ease, I know I got a couple of 13% as well.
Incentives for f-sport were 4500 I believe.
Please confirm residual from Edmunds, seems lower than July.

Are you in SoCal area, if so do you mind sharing which dealers gave you 13% off MSRP. You can private message me if you don’t want to share on the thread.