2019 Kia Niro EV


Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a bit of input on a lease quote I just received on a 2019 Kia Niro EV. With all the amazing deals on the Bolt, I’ve lost my barometer on the EV deals. Unfortunately, I do not qualify for the Costco rebate for the Bolt so I won’t be able to replicate those deals plus I’m looking for a slightly bigger EV.

The quite I received on a 2019 Niro EV EX premium MSRP a little over 46k is 350 a month with 1150 up front (first payment, title and acquisition fee). Not a bad first offer.

The selling price is 43500 (about a 6% dealer discount). Since it is a 2019, it has a ton of lease cash on the hood. I’m wondering if it’s worth pushing for a 10% dealer discount on the car and, even then, if it sounds like a good deal to you. The alternative is looking into the Bolt even without the Costco rebate.

Thanks for the input!

PS: I’m in the NE area.

2019 has no lease cash at the moment.
43500? Ick dude ick

This car was listed at 42k and KIA has a 5k rebate if you buy.
And the Government gives KIA 7500 to lease the car to you.

Don’t do it.
*Hang on $350 a month? Are you sure about that?
That sounds like the Manufacturer offer of $299 / $2999 down just rebadged

Hi! Thanks for the input. I confirmed the lease cash on edmunds. It sounds like the selling price of the vehicle is too high? Keep in mind that the selling price is before applying the lease cash.

I’m of a slightly different mind here of how I lease cars than most people. Most here are all about RF and Residual.

I look at [What is coming out of my pocket at the end of the day of payments / down]

The manufacturer offer is $299 / $2999 so $13464
Your offer is $350 / $1150 so $13400.
See? Your offer is basically the Manufacturers.
Which means the Dealer is making a profit.

Try to get that number under $11,000 (I don’t know if this is possible)
Don’t pay what everyone else pays.

Ugh and again , dang I need some Coffee yours is a EX Premium so the first set of numbers apply.

So the numbers I’m using are for a 2020 EX versus your 2019 EX Premium (Which is on a huge fire sale from Kia right now)

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Appreciate the input! I’ll have to take a closer look at the National offers.

Hi again everyone! I wanted to bring this to the top because it looks like the numbers stayed the same. The dealer is still at 350 a month including tax with 1500 total DAS (1st payment and fees).

I was wondering what kind of dealership discount I should be looking for? This is a 2019 EX Premium and about 46K MSRP. I would love to get that payment under the 300s.

Manufacturer offers are almost always tax/title/fees excluded, so their actual price is quite a bit higher than advertised.

Thanks for the reply! The current manufacturer offer is 259/2999 but that is on a 36K car.

Manufacturer offers are usually best ignored.

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Thanks I completely agree! I’m trying to gauge what would be an appropriate dealer discount on the vehicle. I’d like to push for a 10-12% discount. With the information from the edmunds forum, the monthly should be easy to calculate.

For what it’s worth, if you’re still considering Bolt - I’m a new Bolt owner and while I don’t LOVE the car … one thing that is surprisingly awesome is the space. It looks tiny, but the cargo space is really really good with seats down - it’s actually bigger than the Niro EV (57 vs 53 ft3). Same with legroom / headroom space up front and on back seat. Feels more spacious than it looks at first glance.

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Are there no other dealers with this car? Usually the best deals I get are when dealers try to beat the other dealer’s offer.

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately I don’t qualify for the Costco rebate. Does the Bolt have all of the active safety features ñ?

In the area, they’re the only one left with a 2019 and I believe the 2020s are leasing a little more expensive.

The Premier has pretty much every safety feature available today. Blind spot warning, ACC, LKA, etc … front and back cameras.
Here’s the deal I got in Maine. You can adjust the numbers to figure out what it would be in your state without Costco:

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Thank you for sharing! The Costco rebate makes a huge difference. Unfortunately without it, I’m probably looking at 300 a month if I try to replicate your dealer discount. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky :grinning:.

But you were at $350+ for the Niro, right? So just under $300 for Bolt might still be a decent deal. Especially if you manage to get a few more $$$ off MSRP than I managed?

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Bolt sadly doesn’t have ACC - I wish it did! But I only find it an important feature for long road trips, and that’s not what the Bolt is best suited for anyway.

oops, sorry, my bad! I don’t do much highway driving with the Bolt, so haven’t even played with cruise control yet.