2019 Jetta SE UT - Good or bad deal?

How does this look? Any tips on negotiating would be awesome. Thanks.

$23,610 MSRP

-$1,300 Discount

$22,310 Sales Price

$279 First Months Payment Paid by VW

$0 Security Deposit

$1,000 Down

$278.94 Monthly Payment 39-Months 10,000 miles a year

.00023 Money Factor (Pending Credit Approval)

$12,749.40 Residual Value (54%)

Push for more dealer discount, $1,300 is hardly any.

Didn’t you give this advice before?

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I did. But now they’re coming at me with the “the big discounts are saved for the financed vehicles, not leased ones”.

i realize that Utah prices are probably not as competitive as LH deals from this SoCal dude but look at the Jetta SE offer as a comparison. Also, i believe the diff between 7500 miles per year and 10000 miles per year is only 1% (of msrp).