2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara


Thoughts on this deal I was offered. This was the first offer I got from inquiring online

2019 Wangler Unlimited Sahara

MSRP $50,615
Discount $2522.08

Adjusted Price $48,092.92
Total Purchase $48,092.92
Taxable Fees (Estimated) $66.50

Doc Fee $795
Tax $60.30

Non Tax Fees $400
Net Price $49,414.72

10,000 miles, 39 Months

Zero Down $499

Or if I put money down

$1500 - $456
$2500 - $429

Located in Central Florida

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You can do better. That discount is not great, plus high document fee. If you want to ship vehicle, I have a dealer in PA. She helped a forum member from Florida get a vehicle and shipped it down to Florida. This is my deal on a Rubicon.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 jeep wrangler unlimited Rubicon

MSRP: $ $51,735
Selling Price: $ $46,500
**Monthly Payment: $**499
**Cash Due at Signing: $**1,699

**Annual Mileage:**10k

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is it me or OPs deal is better even with smaller discount? shorter term and lowest RV considering its a Sahara.

They actually came back and raised the numbers. They said they “fatfingered the numbers” and are now saying $520 per month with a grand due at signing for 48 months lol.

I’ve never had one shipped before but if I can get a better deal it would be something I’d definitely look into


Typical Jeep dealer. Trust me I searched through about a dozen dealers within 400 miles of my house. Only one gave good discount and good lease deal.

Not really since Sahara leases better and they made back profit in document fee. It seems like monthly looked too good to be real with that discount fee.

unless something changed best RV is Sport / Sport S followed by Rubicon and worst is Sahara.

but that’s Chrysler, maybe USB and CUs are different.

Yes that’s true, however on back end the Rubicon holds value best and can flip at end of lease for higher than residual. So regardless it’s a win/ win that lowers monthly overall. Hitting 1% monthly of msrp on Rubicon is not easy.

I waited around a bit, here are some details on new deal I was offered

Not a good deal. This car should be max 475 with 1.5k due at lease and 42 months. Go out of state. If you want I can refer you to my dealer in pa. I had someone, I referred from Florida get a jeep and had it shipped down.

This one has my trade factored in though. I wouldn’t be able to trade in, going out of state

We got the same tom-foolery with a Jeep dealer in Washington State. They didn’t even want to talk lease, saying all Jeep Unlimited models were between $600-$1000 to lease. Oh well it made walking away easy. It seems most regions have one serious dealer that is ready to give best deals and the rest make you work for it or just want to play shenanigans.

You just need to find that good one in your region, our is located in Nampa, ID.

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I may be interested in that PA dealer. Below is deal I have in Denver, CO. Not sure if I should take it or not. Your deal sounds awesome for Rubicon!
2019 Wrangler Unlimited Sport S
MSRP: $42,970
Sales Price: $38,791
Res: $30,079 (70%)
MF: .00264 (6.34%)
I have excellent credit
This is in Denver, CO
Sales Tax: 8.35%
36 months
10k miles
$0 Down Payment
Dealer Fee: $599
Monthly Payments: $498 includes tax
If I put $1k down, it goes down to $465 includes tax

Try same lease with US bank. If you want my help for similar deal, PM me.

You should never put “money down” on a lease.

Hello, what’s the money factor, residual and lease credits(if any) for 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, 36/12. Also the Acquisition fee and the document fees. Zipcode: 07644 Thank you

Your best bet is to Google “2019 Jeep Wrangler MF” and post this question on the specific Edmunds forum that should be one of the top resultant. The moderators over there have access to this data and you should get a pretty quick response.

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Chrysler and ally banks dont lease jeeps well. 3rd party is way to go.

Hi There,
Would you kindly share the PA dealer’s name?
Thank you!

Going through the process of leasing a Jeep right now. Got a great price but the MF is killing me (7.08%, .00295). I was unaware that you could use your own third party for leasing. MF provided to me is from Chrysler Capital. How do you go about leasing with a 3rd party (US Bank)?