2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland hemi


$2500 DAS
$480 a month
30 months Remaining
3500 miles on the truck

You forgot the numbers and terms my friend

Sorry I didn’t realize that I posted it already,got Caught up with some of the stuff

Lol I figured as much

You’ll want to post the base payment and if you’re picking up the transfer fee etc

Oh boy am new to trying get out of lease

No worries just trying to help ya!

Thanks really appreciate it

Can you send window sticker? Trying to see if it has ventilated seats and lux 2.

Hi,it does have ventilated front seats and heated front and rear

Does it have lux 2 package and panoramic roof?

Yes it does have Panoramic roof image|230x500

It’s an Overland that package comes standard.