2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X lease evaluation!

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Working on a JGC Limited X lease, 10k/36mo.

MSRP: 50,030.00
Sales Price: 46,439.00
Government Fees: 16.25
Doc Fee: 199.00
Cap Cost: 46,654.25
Rebates: 5,250
Net Cap Cost: 42,216.36
Money Factor: .00007
Residual: 51% (I believe…)
1st month due at signing only

Monthly payment: $502

My guess is that I need to get a higher discount from the dealer after reading other forums. How much more should I ask for or what’s the best way to approach this. Also, they must have added something else into the net cap cost total since ($46,654.25 - $5250 = $41,404.25), so I need to get clarification on this as well. Also, this is the first lease quote they sent me, I haven’t responded back yet.

I am in central Indiana. Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

your net cap cost is going to include tax on rebates, and it should also include the bank fee, which I don’t see listed. Still seems low, so maybe the rebate isn’t taxed and it is just tax on fees. So, in other words, $46,654.25 - $5250 + bank fee + tax on up-front items.

10% off before incentives seems to be the target for Jeep/Dodge from what I’ve read.

Please register on the forum if you are intending to solicit business.


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qbrozen, I think you are right. They came back and corrected the sheet they sent me-
Net Cap Cost is now $41,404.25
Monthly Payment: $478
Upfront Taxes: $367.50
Amount Due at Signing: $844.75

Currently at 7.2% off before incentives… good deal, or keep pushing?

Personally, I think you can keep pushing. Every percentage point discount up front will drop your payment approx $15. So about 8.5% off, for example, should drop you roughly $20.

Qbrozen, so they went from 7.2% to a whopping 7.7%! Down to $46,200 before incentives. Lol.

Thoughts? Should I ask one final time or approach it a certain way? Or show up and hope they provide a higher discount in person?

Give them a number you are trying to meet rather than asking for more discount.

10% is a $5k discount. If you look at this truck on true car, true car will send you a code for $500 off. Not sure if you can add that to your deal or not.

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I agree with the above. When you get this close, it is easier to change gears and start talking monthly and DAS. So they are approx $470 with $850 DAS, yes? Throw them one last pass. Say they have a deal at $500 DAS and $470/mo. That should be darned close to 8.5% off, if I’m not mistaken.