2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee LIMITED $388/Month, $2739 DAS!

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2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee LIMITED

Selling Price: $40,010
Monthly Payment: $388
Cash Due at Signing: $2,739
Incentives:CCAP Includes Conquest/Loyalty and IDL, Includes Conquest/Loyalty

Annual Mileage:12,000


Horrible deal

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isn’t there $4-5k in incentives on the Limited trim?

yes there is 5k including conquest

Should be looking for at least 10% discount, plus incentives, and base MF. That should get you well below those numbers, I’m guessing they’re padding the MF and other addons to claw back money.

Any changes with the ‘18? Because over in Florida I see 10k off msrp. $41k car going for $31k selling price.

I just took home a 2019 Jeep GC Limited X 4X4 5.7L Hemi for 584/mo including Lease wear and tear protection up to $5000 on a 39mo/12k lease. $0 down, just first month due at signing.

MSRP 52730. Selling Price 48K after taxes and fees. Residual 49% I believe.

Not the best deal but Limited X 4x4 with the Hemi in black on black is not an easy car to find.

Gotta pay to play.

Love the car, no one else on the road has the Limited X with the sport body.


Thank god I thought I was paying a lot for the exact car at 508