2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee (High Altitude) - Current Market

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Hi All,

I’ve been reading around and there’s some really great content here. I have more a general question: are the current incentives good right now as compared to some that have been around previously this year? Would also just love to talk about what kind of % off MSRP people are realistically expecting in the current Grand Cherokee market.

I’m looking to buy/lease a 2019 but not feeling much a desire from dealers to negotiate right now. Weird also because a lot of dealer websites are now starting to show the 2020s en route or on the lot.


The Limited trim appears to be the sweet spot for leasing.

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100% agree with this. Maybe it’s the High Altitude trim, but I’ve talked pretty extensively to two dealerships right now and neither is moving much on the price of these. The one dealer I know for a fact they have three identical white High Altitudes that have been sitting there for 6+ months. And they still aren’t negotiating price much.

Hey everyone,

This is an offer I just received for a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (High Altitude trim)

MSRP: $54,430.00
Adjusted Price: $46,880.00
Doc Fee: $144
Other Fees: $175.97
MF: 0.000240
Residual Value: $28,303.60 (52% of original)
Term: 3 years @ 10K
DAS: $1,000
Monthly: $589
Effective Monthly w/ upfront: $616.51

Thoughts on this? This was an initial interaction - haven’t had any back and forth yet.

Thank you for your help and opinions!

Incentives on the car would be $3,250
the discount from the dealer would be $4,300 (8%)

New Offer - what are you thoughts on this:

MSRP: $52,735 (different vehicle than above, still High Altitude trim)
Rebates: $3,250
Dealer Discount: $4,811 (9+%)
Cap Cost: $44,561.89
Term: 36 months @ 10k miles
MF: 0.000240
Residual: 51%
DAS: $1,000
Monthly: $558


Did you do new offer?

I got a Grand Cherokee High Altitude in June, 2018 for this price:

MSRP: $53,100
Lease price: $430 a month. Zero down. Sign and drive.
24 months, 10,000 miles.
Nope, I’m not kidding

I feel like I got the deal of the century on this. I didn’t know anything about leasing. All I did was call about 7 different dealers, having each one beat the previous price I had… Started from $600, and kept getting lower and lower until I reached $430 with zero down (sign and drive).

I had a Chrysler employee discount code that a friend provided at the time. Apparently, they changed the rules and you can no longer use “employee” codes, but you can get a friends and family code if you know someone.

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Hi, Can you share (or PM me) the dealer contact details - I’d buy tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


In short, no. I can’t even get the same deal myself again. I got lucky.

Holy cow that’s a good deal. Can’t find anything like that myself!

Good luck with Jeep and the lease deals they offer. I tired for two months of waiting and shopping to get the exact same thing you are after a high Altitude and got zero deals on them. They always came back with crap figures and discounts. Then try and talk you into a lower less model like a limited X or regular limited.
I am located in CT and shopped about every Jeep dealer in CT and NY surrounding area and in the end now looking at BMW as a much better deal and bargain incentives.

Oh also watch out cause Jeep will pull the 42 and 48 month lease trick on you which puts you out of warranty for the last part of your lease. From experience you don’t want to be out of warranty with a Jeep product and more so one with air suspension lol.

Good luck on your search cause I sure as heck didn’t get far with them.