2019 Jeep grand cherokee altitude Lease


Just recieved this deal for a 2019 grand cherokee altitude:

  • $42,500 msrp
  • 36 months / 12k
  • 0 down just taxes and fees so about $2500
  • they will be making my last 3 payment on my current car a total of $1,600
    paying $430 a month

what are your thoughts?

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Where did you get this deal ?!

They are rolling $44/month in negative equity into this lease. Are you that much in a rush?

I was some what in a rush. Im 1500 miles over my 36k limit, i have two rear tires that would need to be replaced if i keep the car till august. I shopped around the best price i found for an altitude without factoring in my current car was 399. So i worked it backwards, best deal i was getting with including my last 3 payments was 469. So i hassled with this dealer and got them to the 430.

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