2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude - CT/MA

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Thoughts on this Jeep GC Altitude deal? Is there room for improvement?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $42,730
**Selling Price: $35,500
**Monthly Payment: $440
**Cash Due at Signing: $2000
**Dealer Discount & Incentives: $7,230 ($4,500 rebate)

**Annual Mileage:12,000
**Residual: $21,715

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Effective $480 for a 42k Altitude is too high, but not insanely high. Once you’re at lower $400s you’ll be good. Wait till closer to end of month/quarter, or try to get them down now.

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would I be better off trying to lease a Limited instead? I believe they have higher residuals.

They do lease better, so unless you’re dead set on the the Alt, get a limited.



I just got 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude 4x4

MSRP: 41,435
898 Due
36mo/12k yr
$359.00/Mo with tax

I would like some hear some feedback, if this was a good deal or not. I resign in Michigan


$359 all in for an Altitude?? That’s by far the best I have ever heard on that!


A base Limited (42,440) would have been the same monthly maybe a little cheaper but the Altitude looks way better. There was nothing that attracted me to a base limited over the altitude


Use Brigham Gill in Natick

Can you send the break down of your quote? MSRP, Selling Price, MF, residual?

I agree. I love the Altitude look but I ended up with an Upland bc it looked just as good and I’m paying 320 all in

MSRP 41,435
Selling price 37,170
Residual value 20,303

Nice. What was the breakdown of the deal on the upland?

It was way back in July… all I remember is 40k MSRP, something like 10-12% off before incentives, then 6500 in incentives, 320/month 320 DAS, 36/12 and got $250 bonusDrive check after

Awesome deal :+1:

If the difference between your selling and residual was $17,000 how did you get such a good monthly? A ton of incentives??

Ep, conquest and I believe 4500 in incentives. I don’t know the exact numbers on top of my head

Had a dealer quote me on a 42 month lease saying that it was the cheapest option - is there any reason to be concerned about a 42 month lease as opposed to a 36 month lease?

Yes u will be out of warranty will have to renew plates again for only 6 months that"s a waste if u are going to give car back. Never do anything longer than 36 months on a Jeep.

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is there a way you can send a pm of this deal, shopping around this weekend and was quoted $438/mo to start. I would ideally like to get this down to ~$400 give or take

Hello guys,

First timer in leasing, I really need help. Today I got quoted for the lease of a 2020 GC Altitude, here are the numbers:

MSRP: $39,485
Discounted price: $37,401
15k miles per year.
42 months.

  • Monthly payment w/ $0 down: $552 (including taxes)
  • Monthly payment w/ inceptions down: $503.97 (including taxes)
  • Monthly payment w/ inceptions + $1000 down: $478.79 (including taxes)

I have been reading some posts and I can say my numbers seem terrible, although I haven’t seen any posts for someone that want to lease a GC with 15k/y, which is what I need. However, I read that it also depends on the region (I’m in Miami).

I think I can still get some discount off the MSRP plus some rebates, as I haven’t negotiated that much.

What do you guys think about these numbers? What should I aim to?