2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Questions?

Evening, looking for a little advice on a lease I’m working on over email. I feel like it is fairly decent but would welcome any feedback. I’ve been looking between the Limited and Trailhawk models. Below is on a Trailhawk.

Numbers below are what I’ve been given from the dealer.
MSRP: $36,085
Sales Price: $32,413
Rebates: $3,250
-I have $500 TrueCar as well I’ll be hoping to add once going into dealership
MF: .0006 (1.55 APR through Ally)
RV: 57%
Terms: 36/12
Monthly: $279 + Tax
DOC Fee: $299
DAS: First Month + Tax (having not gone in I sense there might be a few more charges.)

What am I missing? Any feedback would be great, thanks all.

Seems like a strong deal if 279+tax and just first month at signing is all there is to it. You should establish that before setting foot in there, though.

What zip code are you in? Ally doesn’t have the strongest program on this trim in every region so I’ll check to see if the dealer is picking the best lender for you based on the incentives available for your region.

68102 for me.

Ally is beating CCap by about $3/mo on this in your zip code. US Bank shaves another $5 off but the dealer gets an additional $50 on the flat from Ally and Ally is a much better company to lease from than US Bank based on the end of term experience.

I’d pull the trigger if this is the model/trim you are set on.

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Thank you, appreciate it!

I am zip code 74145 what are the chances of getting this same deal?
I am scouring this site for all the info!

I am also looking to lease a Cherokee Trailhawk zip code 94507. Does anyone know of any deals within that area/ Bay Area California?