2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited V6-$318/mo, 39/10K

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2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited V6 4x4

**MSRP: $35,490
**Selling Price: $33,709
**Monthly Payment: $318 including everything rolled in
**Cash Due at Signing: 1st month + DMV ($167)
**Incentives: $8000 + $500 TrueCar

**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 10K
**MF: .0020 (?)
**Residual: 55% (?)

**Region: Long Island
**Leasehackr Score: 9 Years

I had to guess on the MF/RV because it’s a 39 month term through a Credit Union, not the usual 36 month/56%/.00010 RV through Chrysler Capital. The MF is crazy high but the $8000 incentives help offset. I wouldn’t consider this a unicorn/LeaseHack/etc by any means because I thought I was getting one of those crazy October deals people were posting for the 2018s. Had I not been stubborn about being near $275, I probably could’ve gotten closer to $300 via a broker. At the end of the day I didn’t get totally killed and some dealers started at $412/month…

Some brokers had good deals on higher MSRPs with sunroofs, etc but I was looking for the lowest payment on a base model. Thanks to @nyclife and @chevysalesgirl for the prompt responses throughout my search.

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How are the incentives 8K MSRP $35,490 selling price $33,709?

Selling price is basically the dealer discount (whopping 5%) before incentives. Am I misunderstanding your question?