2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited help


I have been lurking around here for quite a while now trying to not get fleeced on my 2nd lease like I did on my 1st. Here is the quote that I just received from a dealer on a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited. Seems like the discount is nowhere near enough, but is there any way to get this to $300/mo with only 1st payment due at signing? Thanks in advance for the help!

You won’t get a Limited for $300/month. Maybe a Laredo. And this quote is high for a $36k GC.

But based on this sheet, are you sure this is for a Limited? I wasn’t aware they made them for $36k…


He’s talking Cherokee not Grand Cherokee.

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its not a Grand Cherokee, its a Cherokee.

Are you in Iowa?
Don’t know the market.

But I do know these are sub 300 w first due in New England.

I am in Iowa. There are a lot of dealers here, but none that I have found yet to get anywhere near $300 with only 1st pymt due at signing.

You now I never scored well on reading comprehension in school

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WHOA! Looks like you’re getting hosed. Find another dealer! Banks generally have lower residuals and higher MF’s than the finance captives. I believe that you can do much better by going through Chrysler Capital. According to edmunds…


This should hold true for Iowa.

Just an update. I was able to get a deal put together with a different dealer for $293/mo for a Cherokee with all the same options, but included Nav. Original one quoted with the above quote didnt have Nav.

Either way, able to get it done with the help of all the info and tips that I saw here. Thanks to all of you for providing information and assistance! Saved me from getting hosed … :slight_smile:

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