2019 Jaguar F-Pace 30T Prestige $61,687 MSRP - $499/month (plus tax) w/ $4995 DAS - Please advise

Hi LH,
I took my first stab at a local dealer on a F-Pace lease and would like to get your honest eval and thoughts to improve the deal.

Location: Delaware
Lease plan: 36-month / 10k-miles

Model: 30T Prestige AWD
Options: Drive package $1700, Basic interior protection $449, SiriusXM $360, Wheel protection w/locks $249, Gloss roof rails $360
MSRP: $61,687
Lease price: $53,341
Net cap cost: $48,846
10k per year (51% residual or $31,460)
MF: 0.00020
$4,995 due at signing
$499 + tax per month

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

These appear to be pretty Hackr friendly lately, I’d def push for a bigger discount and a LOT less upfront. Check Edmunds for the base money factor.

Updated a couple errors I had in the original post (ie. lease price and MF). Was also able to get the calculator to match the worksheet provided from the dealer (minus dealer fees).

LH Score: = 8.1

@212hackr thanks for the input, will see what i can do on additional discounts and details of the $4995 DAS.