2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD - $47045 MSRP $315/mth with VPP 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1400 MSD. VPP required. - NJ/CT



Has anyone had success getting this deal or close to it in or near TN by chance?


Not to ask a somewhat off-topic question, but what is the difference between a 2019 QX60 and a 2019.5 QX60?


extra usb ports and something else i can’t recall


I think 2019 QX has 4 regular USB + 2 type C USB ports.


Is there a way to check Local incentives?


Get in good with a dealer. Infiniti keeps that info pretty quiet.


Read this on another forum:

  1. The 2019.5 has LED headlights connected to wipers, the 2019 has xenon headlights not connected to wipers.

  2. The 2019.5 has 6 charge-only USB ports while the 2019 has 3.

Not sure how factual though.


Can you tell me what this would be with 15K and $0 DAS or just first month and no VPP?. NC resident


Can you message me about the QX60? I’m interested


Haha they just got another one in man.


According to my guy the key fob is a little different too.


I’ve been speaking to them all day! Got a qx50 for slightly bit more. Who told you they got a QX60. Also I’m in ny so I can’t do MSD’s but the QX60 would still be about 30~ cheaper. So if they do have it I might get on it.


anyone know what brands are eligible for conquest?


I am in NJ…can i get this deal? which dealer do we need to contact to get this deal?


Finally! Hopefully something that no longer looks like Nissan’s!


just curious for ny residents… can they just go to a dealer in nj or ct to take advantage of msd’s?

i live in ny and picked up a car in dc and they did let me do msd’s at the time. just wondering if the same rules apply to the tri-state area. thanks.


When I was leaving they said they were getting one in on thursday. Maybe he was mistaken and it was a different model. Did you sign already?

Btw if its only 30 difference, you will make that up with the gas mileage. If i lived in ny and couldn’t do msds id honestly just stick with the newer qx50. While at 210 a month the qx60 is unbeatable, it is slightly dated and due for a refresh. If the third row isnt necessary just stick with the qx50


MSD for Infiniti work in a specific way. You can’t do MSD if you are NY state resident no matter where the dealer is located. Other brands like Mercedes/BMW allow you to put MSD if you go to other state to lease it.


So according to my calculations for the QX 60 I would’ve been at 2500~ DAS and $265 a month because I can’t buy down MF and taxes are 8.875 here.

My QX50 is roughly the same down and $30 higher. Still a great price nonetheless for a 48.8k car. Enjoy. I’ll be going in to sign and pick up Saturday if the weather is all right


To piggyback on the questions regarding the changes to the 2019.5 model…does it include Apple CarPlay?