2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD - $47045 MSRP $315/mth with VPP 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1400 MSD. VPP required. - NJ/CT



I am interested in this deal in MN. New to the site, is it possible? Eligible for Conquest and VPP


I am interest in this deal. @nyclife zip 33187 Miami, Fl
Conquest and I don’t know what VPP is. Thank you.


In addition to incentives being different, you’re going to have to go to sign and either drive home or ship it on your dime.


To confirm- the deal includes the following incentives

  1. VPP= $1,500
  2. Conquest - $1,500
  3. Lease cash - $1,000
  4. Event Incentive - $1,000


Hello-in NJ and interested in this right away as I have less than 2 months on current lease. Also, would like to know similar details on QX50. I don’t think I have VPP as I am new here but so happy to have found this beautiful site. Thanks!


How do I get this deal? I’m a NYC resident with an existing honda accord that’s due back soon.


Hi, I would be interested in this deal. Would you be able to PM me dealer information.

Thank you.


@Shaggee - How can I get Event Incentive? Is it a targeted incentive? TIA.


HN308 I am interested in the november deals on the 2019 QX60. I have one now. 2016 with 16k miles on it with 5 payments left. Can you PM the best deals? Ill travel to NJ and CT. I am on Long Island. Thanks


Hi, I am leaving in NY, 11021, I am interested in leasing qx60, please PM me.


I am also interested in NJ if you could please pm me with details


I’m interested.from PA.please PM the details ASAP…


All PMs replied


Hey man mind pm me back !


Shoutout to HN308 and Guilherme! Just went in and picked one up for myself today. Cannot tell you guys enough how smooth the process was. Just speak with him on the phone, set up an appointment and he’ll ask you to email him all your pertinent info. By the time you get to the dealership, you just need to finish up a bit more paperwork and you’re out the door. What a sick price on the qx60. I think he’s out, or might have one left.


Congrats @TacoTheOne . Enjoy the ride!


I am interested and in PA.Pls PM me


Sent 2 PM’s - please get back to me would lime to proceed. Thanks



Enjoy your SUV. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Congrats man! I was going to get this one but they told me you were first in line!