2019 Infiniti QX50 Essential

Sales Price: 46,360 (12% off MSRP)
Money Factor : .00040
Money Factor after MSD: 0.00040

Document Fee: 80
Acquisition Fee : 700

Miles/yr: 15k
Months: 39

End result:
$1,260 due at signing. $1k of this was offset by a loyalty incentive so total out of pocket was $260
Monthly payment $514

Leasehackr score 9.1 years

Dealer paid my trade in full plus about $1,500 so I’m getting a check back for that. Best trade offer anywhere.

Car will be delivered to my house in about 20 minutes

is your residual rate right? there are some very recent posts here with higher rates (58% on 10K)

It’s a 15k mike a year lease so lower residual. It actually calculates out to 55.6%

It has to be 55% exact not 55.6.

Here is the numbers directly from the contract. I tried to back into them on the calculator.

MSRP $52,895
Selling Price $46,550
Reg $568
Acquisition Fee $700
DMV Electronic Filing Fee $29
CA Tire Fee $7
Total Gross Capitalized Cost $47,854
Doc Fee $80

Tax on CapCost Reduction $52.98
Residual Value $29,092.25

Depreciation $18,156.31
Rent Charge $297.71
Total Base Monthly Payments $18,454.02
Number of Payments 39
Base Monthly Payment $473.18
Monthly Sales Tax $41.40
Total Monthly Payment $514.58
Amount Due at Lease signing $1,260
Less Loyalty Incentive/Rebate $-1000
Actual Due at Signing $260

So the $29,092.25/$52,895 = 55% exactly

When did you sign this deal, July? August MF is .0001

Looks like August b/c $1k loyalty.

Deal was signed Aug 5

Looks like dealer used the July MF.

They bumped up his MF?

Sure looks that way, if it was really .0004. Would think their ADP updates automatically with the August program. No way of knowing unless we see a deal sheet.

Running the numbers through a lease calculator with all numbers it comes out to .00010 for the MF so it looks like no games played. All in all we are happy with the deal. I talked to about 6 different dealers in SoCal and only 2 would do this deal.

Looks like you got a good discount + loyalty. I am just surprised that 15K miles add so much to the monthly payment compared to what some brokers advertise for similar MSRP in NY/NJ for 10K miles.

Because incentive money on the car is regional, not nationwide.

what incentive money? his discount is similar to the one you had in one of your deals and loyalty is the same. what am I missing?

$1k lease cash in ny, LA, miami markets.

he also has 1K in his numbers

Does this look reasonable? QX50 LUXE AWD w/heated seats/Nav /Cargo/Kick/Splash
MSRP $45,055.00
Disc12.83% $ 5778.71
Selling Price $39276.29
Doc Fee $75
Acquisition Fee $700
Cap Taxes $1541.63
Gross Cap Cost $39,976.29
Net Capitalized Cost $41,517
Residual % .55
Adj Residual $24,780.25
Number of Payments 39/10k mi
Initial Payment $562.97
Monthly Payment incl tax $459.00
Amount Due at Lease signing $562.97