2019 INFINITI QX50 ESSENTIAL 39mo/10k $1,000 DAS $344+tax. MSRP $45280

Signed this on 10/31/2018

2019 Infiniti QX50 Essential
MSRP $45280
Sale Price $36303.51
No Loyalty

$1,000 Drive Off.

39mo. / 10k miles
MF 0.00003
RV 55%


Sales Rep told me he can’t replicate this deal but willing to try something close to this.
I tried to include calculator but I couldn’t get this payment with what was given to me.

I thought the deal was good.
too late even if it isn’t lol


To estimate zero d/o payment, on a 36 lease add about $30 to the monthly to cover the $1000 d/o, PLUS the 9 months of DMV that you’ll pay in year 4 and won’t use, which is about $250, or $7/mo. Total add is $37 to your 344 plus 9.5% tax if you’re in LA makes $413/mo. Still under the 1% rule.

With such a good discount off msrp I wonder if 27 mos would be about the same or $5-10/mo more. Might save you tire replacement in year 3 which covers the extra monthly and then done since tires can cost $500-$1000 for 4.

Nice deal. Congrats!

I signed this on 11/6/18

2019 Infiniti QX50 Essential

MSRP $45,705.00

Sale Price $38460.12


No Loyalty


True Sign and Drive (Left without paying anything at all and they transferred my tag)

$428 Monthly Payment (6% Tax Included)

39mo./10k miles (I’m really only paying for 38)

MF 0.00003

RV 55%

South Florida

This was the best I could do here (was in a time crunch) after talking to all dealerships and negotiating nobody else would match this.

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I found out the tires are run flat when I got to the dealership.
Since they are usually $500 for just one tire I purchased wheels and tire protection out of pocket which was around $500.

thanks. congrats on yours too.
my tax here is 7.75% so it will be $370 including tax.

Which dealership this was? Could you share dealer information please?

could you share the dealer info please, I am also looking at a qx50.

That’s a great deal. Can you pm methe dealer info please?

@drancid @Phrawg2001 @Sharon

Check PM.

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The programs are even better this month. If anyone wants a quote here in SoCal or NorCal, PM me.

Check your PM.

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Hi there, can you share your dealer’s contact please? Thnx

didn’t get it.

What’s the best deal now

2019 QX60 Pure is going for about $300/month in SoCal these days. PM me if anyone is interested.

Laurent Corson
805 Motors Limited

can you please pm me the dealer info?

what about qx50, i’m interested

Approx $330/month for a QX50 Essential here in SoCal if you qualify for the incentives (Conquest and VPP). PM me with any other questions.


I am in NorCal, any way to get the deal for QX50, I have VPP.

Clsdo yes, it definitely can. I’ll PM you.

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