2019 i3 BEV Lease Transfer - 17mos, 1000mi/mo, Tech/HK/20"Rims/CarPlay

MSRP: $50,250 (Approx)
Monthly payment (Inc CA Tax): $343.56
Current mileage: 7,750
Maturity mileage: 25,023
Effective miles per month: 1,016
Maturity date: Nov 30, 2021

2019 BMW i3 Bev Deka World
150mi Electric Range
Tech Package (Larger Navigation Screen, Automatic braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto High Beams, Garage Door Opener)
HK Premium Audio
20" Wheels/Tires Package
Apple CarPlay
Nano Ceramic Window Tint
Purple CarPool Lane Stickers Valid Through End of 2022
Car is in excellent condition
Total Monthly Payment - $343.65 INCLUDING Tax
Lease End Date - Nov 30, 2021 (17mos remaining)
25k Max Miles Allowed (1016 miles/month) - Same as having a 12k lease
$2500 Security Deposit left with BMW. Buyer to pay seller $2500 at assumption of lease. BMW will refund $2500 security deposit to buyer at end of lease.

Location: Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles)

MSD due (if any): $2500 Refund To Buyer At End of Lease from BMW
Cash due (if any): $2500 due to Seller at Assumption of Lease
Financial institution: BMW Financial

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