2019 Hyundai Sonata Limited - $278 - $2524.98 DAS (NY State)


2019 Hyundai Sonata Limited

MSRP: $ 28,580
Selling Price: $ 26,500 . (21,900 after Incentive)
Monthly Payment: $ 278.50
**Cash Due at Signing: $**2,525 (NY STATE TAX on everything even rebates, ACQ FEE, 1ST MONTH, REG AND DOC FEE)
Incentives: $4,600 (dealer cash and black Friday cash)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12
MF: 0.0226
Residual: 52%

Region: . NY Metro Area
Leasehackr Score: 8.2

Got the car from Central Avenue Hyundai in White Plains, NY. Only had one negative interaction with one of the managers who asked me to explain how a lease was calculated, so I did. His response was okay you do know how it works. My response was I do, and get me someone else to speak to you are rude.

I also talked to Demond at City World in New Rochelle who first offer was very aggressive, If your looking for a Hyundai in the NYC area I would hit him up.

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Seems like a good deal, paying 10K over the 3 years. Just curious did you price the 2.0T limited?


I did not. I would imagine you could do about the same. They seemed to be more of those around. I wanted a limited without the ultimate package which was a bit harder to come by.


You did well. I’m looking at the Sonatas and Elantras right now with my dealer asking if I was interested in the 2018s since they want to push those off the lot. Any reason you didn’t look into a 2018 model? The rebates are actually even better now in December and the 2018s have even better rebates. I don’t know why Hyundai has such aggressive rebates while Hondas and TOyotas don’t. I guess Hyundais lease better??


Where are these aggressive rebates??? I just checked edmunds and couldnt find anything beyond the 750 and 500 they were offering last month



Select the trim and put in your zip


The 2020 Sonata is going to be a total refresh and 2018 was not a good year for Hyunda stock (down 50%).

The 2018 was the same deal as the 2019 for me.

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Can someone help me better understand which incentives apply for a lease? Is it a total of up to 6000 (lease cash + lease cash bonus)? Are all the other incentives for financing?



autobytel has been showing lease bonus cash (1500-2000) for sonata for the past 2 months. Edmunds guy says no and my local dealer said no. Not sure if it is accurate.

other incentives are purchase only


Currently: If you buy the car, and use internet pricing you can get somewhere around $4500 off. That’s 2000 rebate and 2000-3000 off plus other discounts by the dealer.

Not as good as that black friday deal in the OP, but still pretty good.

Last month I was offered: $24500 for the Sonata Limited (delivery included).

The 2019 model has slight improvements over 2018 and also the newer honeycomb/mesh grill which is pretty awesome looking on the Sonata.