2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate 2.4 AWD - Deal Review

I’m trying to secure a deal on a Santa Fe Ultimate. From my research I’ve seen that Hyundai’s don’t lease well, but I’d like for someone to review the deal proposed to me. When I plug the numbers into the site calculator, I don’t get the same number the dealer shows.
MSRP - 38775
Selling Price - 35091.38
Incentives - 2900 (2400 lease cash, 500 regional event)
DAS - $1500 (tax, title, and first payment)


How does one get that worksheet?

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The MF is abysmal. Is that really the base rate? If so, I’d look elsewhere.

I asked the dealer to provide me his worksheet. It’s a screenshot from his PC.

Yes, unfortunately that’s the current base MF (confirmed with Edmunds).

That’s brutal. I’d target a different vehicle with a reasonable MF, unless you’re totally set on this. Not gonna get a ‘hackr’ deal with 5.6% APR.

You’re right up the road (I71) from me. All the numbers were calculated correctly. Here are my concerns…

1st. The base payment is 393.86, not 428.05. The only purpose of the base payment is to compute taxes. In Ohio, taxes are calculated on the sum of he base payments (payment excludes non-taxable fees). The payment tax is…
36 x 393.86 x 8.00% = 1134.32
2nd. As already mentioned, the MF is horrible and equates to about 5.68%
3rd. You need at least another 12% off the MSRP. You need to compensation yourself for the terrible MF. Check this site and edmunds to see what others are paying in terms of a sell price.

The 325.24 charge due upfront should be itemized. My guess is that it includes DMV fees and tax on a portion of rebates and cap reduction. So, you have…

DAS… = 746.71 (cash cap reduc) + 428.05 (1st pay) + 325.24 = 1500

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Don’t you think it’s a little unrealistic to tell the dude to ask for 20% off as compensation for the MF? As you know, dealer isn’t setting that rate and does not profit from it.

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Never hurts to ask! I ALSO recommended that OP (not DUDE) check around to see what others are paying.

The dealers in the area aren’t willing to go lower than 9.5% below MSRP. I’ve had some tell me they couldn’t do it at all.

@delta737h, is there a reason why the base payment calculated for taxes ($394) is different than the final ($428)? Just curious on how that can be.

I’m definitely looking at other options, and reading threads. I was pretty set on a midsize 2-row SUV (~190" length), but I’m finding that it’s not a competitive lease segment. My 2016 CX-5 GT lease ends in 30 days, and our family has outgrown it. Not really enough to need 3-rows, and my wife isn’t fond of having to drive a 3-row.

I think that the dude will find that this dealer no longer wishes to communicate with someone making unrealistic offers, but maybe you could broker it for him.

My, you are presumptuous. Dealer not wishing to communicate? And, you know this how?

Yup! The base payment of 393.86 excludes the capped taxes as it is used to calculate taxes. The 428.05 includes the capped taxes. That’s why this payment is higher than the base.

Is that unavoidable, or can that be avoided by paying the taxes at signing?

I just got the Costco Pricing on a 2019 SEL Plus AWD, and it was almost exactly 9.5% off MSRP before incentives. Looks like you’re getting about 9.5% as well. That said, I’m in NY so perhaps the numbers changes in OH. I suspect the dealer has a few money dollars to play with after Costco discount, but not too much.

Best of luck and let us know what happens!

There’s a dealer locally now with 10% off MSRP listed on their website. So I’m thinking there’s more to be had as well. Going to keep pushing. The auto show is coming up this week. Maybe the dealers will be motivated to sell.

Can something work like this in so Cal? I was looking at an ultimate as well $38,705 msrp. I don’t have all the details but with zero down they wanted $668/mo! I thought that was outrageous! Help!