2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2.4 AWD lease proposal

Got back from the dealer and want some opinions on this proposal.

Term: 12/36

MSRP: 35760
Sale price: 32481
Rebate: 4200
Final price: 28836
MF: 0.00300
RV: 60%

DAS: 1000 (first month + ?? b/c according to the sheet only $94 from that is going toward cap cost)
Tax: 6% (Michigan)
PMT: 377.24/mo (including tax).

The car is nice and a decent upgrade from my wife’s tucson but I felt we could do better. I asked for 1% ($360) but they came back with this as their final offer. We passed for the time being, but wanted to see if there was anything we missed. I noticed the MF is higher than the one listed on Edmunds (.00226) which would’ve brought it to where we wanted payment wise. I told the guy that it was high but he said given the rebate and program applied (employee discount according to him), he wouldn’t budge on the MF. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Check with some other dealers

Check Edmunds for MF. That MF seems marked up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hyundai offer a buy rate of .003. Usually .002 to .0025 in that range. I could be wrong.

Good luck, OP. Decent deal otherwise.

Yeah, it seems most dealers in michigan charge that rate and the 3 I spoke to didn’t want to budge. We ended up getting the same car in my wife’s favorite colour from a different dealer for $360/mo with 1200 DAS which is perhaps not ideal for most but worked for us. The salesman was fantastic to work with and it was a really quick process. Thanks for the feedback!

Too much for a Hyundai, wait for more incentives

+1 For that payment i would look at something else.

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We were on a bit of a time crunch since her current lease expired, but since you mention looking at something else, would you happen to have any suggestions that are similar to the Santa Fe Limited in size and features?

can you give us some alternatives at this payment point?