2019 Honda Odyssey Touring - Deal Check Southern California

Looking at a 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring. Deal Details:

MSRP: $45,805 (included Wireless Charging for free - $560 Value cost/labor)
Selling Price: $43,310 (includes acquisition fee of $595)
36 Month / 12K Annually
MF: .001210
Residual 57% $26,108
Monthly: $597 (Includes 7.75% tax)
Out of Pocket: $1550 (Includes Cap Reduction of $257, 1st Months payment, License/Reg/Taxes)

Curious if this is a good deal?

Looks pretty terrible. Others who have leased Odysseys recently have gotten substantially larger dealer discounts. Have you shopped around at all??

I’m glad my wife went along with the E wagon for this same payment instead of forcing the minivan on me!

Work on that selling price first. You’re leaving at least 2k on the table there.

Thank You! We were exploring more or less which trim we wanted. We will definitely shop further. There is definitely more to be had on the invoice having researched further. Have a great week!

Thank you so much! I’m in complete agreement with you.

I wish my wife would do the same…only 3 years and we can purge the minivan, however we’ve been told otherwise by other neighborhood families of 5. Have a great week!

Admittedly I’m in a different region (Chicago suburbs) but we bought a 2019 Odyssey Elite in October last year for $42,900.

The $43,310 cap cost seems really high for a 2019 Touring, especially when 2020 Odysseys will start hitting the dealerships in a month or two.

Everyone else got the big points. I would note that you may consider whether you want to let dealer give you part of its discount in wireless charger installation. I was excited about wireless charging in my Accord (came standard on my model) but it is way t0o slow to be useful most of the time. Think 5-10 times slower than wired charging depending on whether I use car USB port or 12v charger.

If you use Apple Carplay or Android Auto then wireless charging is pointless anyway as Honda only supports these over USB. The USB port in the Odyssey is 2A fast charging too.

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Honcker has this in SoCal right now for the exact same MSRP. Adjusting the DAS down to your $1,550 number should still be less than your monthly. This is factoring my 9.5% tax rate.