2019 Honda Odyssey Elite deal opinions

Hi all, would greatly appreciate some feedback on this potential deal:

2019 Honda Odyssey Elite
36mo / 12k mi
MSRP $47,965
Sales price $43,437
Cap cost $44,661
MF 0.00143
Residual 57%
$0 down, inceptions only
$625/mo including FL 7% tax


Ouch that’s painful. Just finance it considering $625 over 60 months is over $37000. The Odyssey is just an awful lease value

Looks pricey how much are the inceptions?

Thats insane even for a top of a line minivan.


Thanks. Is the consensus that the deal isn’t great because the Odyssey just isn’t a good lease value? Or is it just the numbers for this particular deal?

Hondas do not lease well. Resids too low, no crazy incentives to overcome that. Buy and sell in a few years and you will net less out of pocket if market behaves as in the past (where you can sell Hondas for a good price on open market)