2019 Honda Fit LX CVT - Good deal?

Thanks for all the Leasehackr community tips. Despite all the warnings re: Honda leases, I think I got a great deal, but maybe I’m missing something. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

$184.72/ month 36 months/12,000
MSRP $17,910
Sale price $15,659 + Acq Fee $595 = $16,254
MF .00095
Residual $10,925 (61%)
Cash at signing $853 ($498 Doc Fee, 1st month, Tax, Title, Reg, Inspection)
Out the door under $200/month, plus a <$11,000 residual. When I search for 3 year old Fits with <$36,000 miles, they are $13,000-$15,000+ in this area (Western Mass.). If that holds, I may sell the car at a profit, or buy it myself.
Very proud of myself, but it’s my 1st lease and I’m afraid I’m missing something. Thoughts?


Hi, are you liking your Fit? I’m driving a 2016 civic, lease due to turn in June. I’ve been thinking about checking out a Fit…

I’m loving the Fit.

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In what state did you lease your Fit

Springfield, Massachusetts