2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Lease

Hey Everyone, I’m pretty new to leases, I’ve never had one, I was going to buy CPO 2015 Camry LE <50k mi for $14k our the door with taxes and fees but I like the Honda Civic Hatchback a lot more.

Can anyone help me out, I live in zip 92887

What would be the MF, Residual, and Lease Credits (if any) for the 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback LX, Sport, and EX models, 36 months / 12k mi

Online it shows that there is $199 for LX deals with $2k down, so I wondering how that would work with all the math, but the dealer which ran my credit said you’d be standard rate not preferred so he was saying my MF is 0.00172 and my payments would be $282 + tax, does that sound right? I’ve got to do more research but this is my first day really looking into leasing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, also if you know a good referral in the Orange County, CA or Los Angeles area, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I’m laying a rental car rate of $25 + $10 Damage waiver, so $35 for a rental car each day, should I wait for the 4th of July or when do those incentives start?

Thank you!


  1. The online “specials” advertised on the Honda website are BS and not good deals at all.
  2. Negotiate over email or phone and only go in person to sign the deal.
  3. You’ve fallen for the brainwashing by corporate America. Holiday sales events are typically BS and not good at all.
  4. Ask for MF and residual info on Edmunds. Google “Honda Civic MF Edmunds” to find the appropriate forum

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

I just posted on that thread before you replied.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Can’t speak to where you live since the deal I’ve been working is in NJ, but I’ll tell you that I have an offer on the table right now for a civic sport touring hatch (highest trim) at $1,300.00 DAS for $300.00 a month (36/10). Based on that offer alone the price you were quoted is quite inflated, but that is what dealers usually do on the first offer to see if you’ll take whatever they throw at you. The DAS money includes $300.00 as the first months payment. When working on this I found that I was only able to get the lowest offer from dealerships that had the model already on their lot, since I’m picky and only wanted the sport touring hatch in blue which most dealers didn’t have. When I met with dealers who would have had to order the vehicle, the numbers were much worse. My guess is that the dealers with the car on their lot are more incentivized to unload their inventory. Also the car I’m currently negotiating on has an accessory package already installed that bumps up the price a couple hundred bucks, which I’m ok with since I happen to like them.

Additionally, if the price isn’t a deal breaker for you, might I suggest shooting for an EX model instead of the LX. The difference in MSRP isn’t drastic and you should still be able to negotiate a deal only a few bucks more a month or a bit more down than the LX. For that you’ll at least get a real touchscreen infotainment with CarPlay/android auto and a bunch of other features that are much appreciated over the base model: (sunroof, heated seats, remote start, lane watch camera system, 17in wheels, xm/hd radio, fog lights, etc.) For me those little luxuries make the difference in cost worthwhile but of course that’s up to you. For an EX hatch where I live I could get one for $250 a month with just inceptions due at signing, and that’s without any real negotiation. Good luck!

Hey Rick,

Thanks so much for the info!

I’ve been shopping around for the EX like you recommended.

My MF is 0.00172 instead of 0.00108 because my credit score was 623.

I got one dealership at Sale Price $21,000 and with 2k down plus fees, I’m looking at $234 with tax which beats that’s $282 + Tax LX out the water.

I’m going to try to get that Sale price just under $20k hopefully.

Still going to shop around but your advice was great man, I appreciate it so very much!

Best Regards,

Look into Toyota also. I think they can go deep to your score level with best offered rate. Also Toyota’s seems to have better prices for similar size cars plus 2 year 24 months maintenance.
I get it’s a different car but we don’t know if you picks Honda because of something specific or because of an ad you saw online.

No problem! Happy to help. If you have a few different dealers near you, I would start telling them that you want to be at $250 a month with nothing down and see what they say. If any of them comes back with down money at more than $500 then it’s too much and you should negotiate it down or move on. Also like I talked about in my earlier comment, make sure to pick a specific vehicle that they have on their lot so they know they can move that inventory on the deal. Include the vehicle VIN in your email and tell them that you are ready to make a deal at $250 a month with nothing down. Make sure to tell them that you are looking for the out the door price, so their numbers should include all taxes and fees with nothing added at signing. Assuming you make the deal just be sure to check the final numbers for appropriate RV, MF, and anything else you see tacked on. Oh and if you’ve never leased before, bear in mind you will have to meet with the dreaded finance manager who will try to talk you into buying protection and tire packages that are never worth it. So hold strong on those and politely but firmly decline.

I got my 2018 hatchback EX for right around $250 for 0 down and 15k a year. I just negotiated over email with them and they accepted it right away, started at 320, down to 277 and then finally 250. I think you could definitely get it lower. I luckily live in a state without sales tax but I do think you could get it down a bit lower. Also, I would aim for the ex model so you get some nice features with it that are highly worth the slightly extra money a month.

Also, on a side note I think the civic is an awesome choice. I absolutely love mine and get compliments on it regularly. It has the best interior and dash out of any other vehicles in the class and has a lot of cool features. Android Auto/Apple car play, remote start, the doors unlock when you touch the handle, 3 different backup cams, heated seats, spacious, and in terms of maintenance you can get like 7-9k miles before an oil change which is awesome since my last car was like 3-4k.

Let me know if you have any questions on it! Here are the exact numbers I started with before I got them down to 250:

Zip: 03062
Terms: 36/15k
Car: Honda Civic Hatchback EX
MSRP: $24,040
Discount: $2,715
Sale Price: $21,325
Tax: $0 (NH)
DAS: First months of $277
Monthly: $277


To add on to what I wrote definitely check out the deal @Gunten commented! It’s right on the money.

To update:

I’m meeting with the dealer on Thursday.

Car of choice: 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback EX (Thanks to all your recommendations)
36 Month / 12k Miles a year

Good Credit MF 0.00108
My Credit of 623 gave me MF 0.00172
(I pulled my credit at two different dealerships and got their MF for me)

So my method of negotiating, started Sunday Night. Looked up on Autotrader for the cheapest dealer rates for the EX within a 250 mile radius. Then got a bunch of TrueCar values through Consumer Reports because they give an extra $100 discount off of MSRP, chose the zip codes with the cheapest EX Hatchbacks plus zip of where I lived and worked, usually the cheapest dealerships were 80mi away where no one would really travel. Had all my quotes then a bunch of dealerships calling on Monday, MSRP: $24,670 with destination charges. Most people were landing in the $21,800-$22,800. Finally got a dealership to give me $21,000 with free pro pack.

Then Monday night went to dealerrater, looked up top 20 dealerships of Honda in CA, got an E-Quote at night from all the dealerships in SoCal that wasn’t popping up on TrueCar which was about 8 dealerships but still top 20 on Dealerrater, had another round of bidding Tuesday morning.

Those dealerships were on another level with calling and negotiating. Had quotes from $20,950 to $22,300. I took my $20,950 + $21,000 (w/free pro pack)+ 20,858 quote to the biggest dealer in the area that price matches.

I showed them the graph of sales prices off of Cars Guru and told them I wanted a great price which on Car Gurus said it was $19,888. They gave me a deal of Sales Price: $20,500, $2,000 Down Payment, I’m looking at $199+Tax(7.75%)=$214 a month (With the higher MF), BUT To top it off, the dealer said he’ll give me $2,000 coupon for lifetime of my service plus lowest price guaranty on the purchase. I didn’t get it to $19.8k but the services is well worth it the $612 I didn’t get off of it (Update: Coupon was a bust, discounted dealership services, not bad, but not what I was expecting, lesson learned, need to clarify more, next time this won’t happen)

Because of my credit, most places would need a DownPayment, and if I didn’t put it down, it goes in the payments anyways, so you’ll pay it regardless, so $2k down for me was fine. Because of my MF I’m paying $24 a month more, but it is still a sweet deal imo.

Sounds too good to be true but I will go in on Thursday because I couldn’t make it in today because of work and the sales girl has the day off Wednesday, I made the deal with the manager so I know he’s good for it, but the sale is going to the girl.

Hopefully everything works out, but even if not, I still have many backups from leveraging deals against each other. Also, I said no to all addons, no pro pack or wheel locks.

When I get my actual lease, I’ll let you guys know what I end up with, I told all the other dealers the deal I was offered and told them I wasn’t trying to get them to beat it, it was a very good deal, thanked them for their time but if anything goes wrong, I’ll hit them back up. They all backed down to the deal, and was just like take it, take it, like take it and congratulating me on the deal.

We’ll see what happens, I’ll keep you all posted.

Also used Edmunds Forum to get the incentives, MF, and residual which was all confirmed by the dealers.
Lease Hacker Calculater was awesome too, just took a minute to figure out the fees and DownPayment part.

I talked to over 20 dealerships in 2 days, mostly sales people and when they saw I knew numbers they will send me up to their manager for them to close. What I learned was, know your numbers, never ever speak of a monthly payment, and only negotiate the sales price. They will try hard to pry a monthly payment number from you to fool you of the bigger picture. And once you have the numbers, you can just flat out say, you’re way to high, I’ve got 5 dealerships beating your quote, and then they always have to talk to their manager and will come in with lower pricing, creating more leverage. And don’t listen to people that say, go into the dealership, you can speak to 8 dealerships in a couple of hours instead of wasting your time with one. Use phone, text, email, voicemails, you have to use all of them, each sales person is different and has a preferred method and they’re always busy going back and forth with customer, managers, lunch/dinner, etc.

Also, I had many dealerships ask me, what are you trying to accomplish?! What do you want to pay a month?! I would just reply, what I’m trying to accomplish is get the best deal for myself, I’m looking at the big numbers, the sale price, the MF, and the residual, then you have tax, license, registration and doc fee’s. Monthly payment will work themselves out. Once you talk like this, it’s a whole other ball game, they don’t even try to get you in the dealership anymore, it’s more of a bidding war once the dealers know you are an actual knowledgeable consumer.

I know, long post but I felt like some of these tricks might help someone and I’ll keep you guys posted on final numbers, fingers crossed, wish me luck guys!


Deal done,

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback EX

36 Months / 15k Miles A Year

MSRP: $24,670
Sale Price: $20,500
Acquisition Fee: $595
Gross Capitalization Cost: $21,095
$2,000 Down (Cap Cost Reduction $1,244.07)
Adjusted Cap Cost: $19,850.93
Residual 58%: $14,308.60
Depreciation: $5,542.33
Rent Charge: $2,114.87
Total Base Payments: $7,657.20
Lease Payments: 36
Base Monthly Payments: $212.70
Monthly Sales / Use Tax: 16.48
Total Monthly Payments: $229.18

Down Payment $2000 ($1,244.07 Cap Reduction + Sales Tax/ Use Tax $96.41 + 1st Month $229.18 + Initial Title Fee/California Tire Fee $8.75 + Initial Registration Fee $167 + Doc Proccessing Fee $85 + Electronic Vehicle Transer $30 + Vehicle License $133 + Doc Tax $6.59)

With $12k Miles a year, it would be $15 a month cheaper w/ 60% Residual $14,802

My MF: 0.00172 (Tier 2)
Tier 1 would be MF 0.00108 ($24 a month cheaper)

Hope this helps anyone looking for the same car!


There’s a couple things there you could have pushed harder on but the important thing is you did your homework and are happy with the deal you made, so congrats! The civic hatch is a great vehicle- lots of fun, looks cool, and quite practical. Enjoy!

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This is a great deal! I’m going for the same car now so I can get something comparable :pray: