2019 Honda Civic Hatchback EX (SoCal)

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback EX

Southern California, My Zip: 92887 (7.75% Sales Tax)

36 Months / 15,000 Miles A Year

MSRP: $24,670
Sale Price: $20,500
Acquisition Fee: $595
Gross Capitalization Cost: $21,095
$2,000 Down (Cap Cost Reduction $1,244.07)
Adjusted Cap Cost: $19,850.93
Residual 58%: $14,308.60
Depreciation: $5,542.33
Rent Charge: $2,114.87
Total Base Payments: $7,657.20
Lease Payments: 36
Base Monthly Payments: $212.70
Monthly Sales / Use Tax: 16.48
Total Monthly Payments: $229.18

Down Payment $2000 ($1,244.07 Cap Reduction + Sales Tax/ Use Tax $96.41 + 1st Month $229.18 + Initial Title Fee/California Tire Fee $8.75 + Initial Registration Fee $167 + Doc Processing Fee $85 + Electronic Vehicle Transfer $30 + Vehicle License $133 + Doc Tax $6.59)

With $12k Miles a year, it would be $15 a month cheaper w/ 60% Residual $14,802

My MF: 0.00172 (Tier 2)
Tier 1 would be MF 0.00108 ($24 a month cheaper)

I think I did a good job but let me know what you guys think.

This forum and other websites has helped me loads, so just repaying the favor.

Hope this helps anyone looking for the same car!

Here’s The Link To The Leasehackr Calculator (Leasehackr Score: 8.2 Years)

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$293 if you did zero DAS, seems like too much for civic, another brand might get to tier 1 one too, any idea what your credit score is?

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When they used soft credit pull, they told me my credit score was 623 which is my TransUnion Auto Fico, but when I saw the credit report they pulled in the finance office, it said my credit score was Experian 590. So my credit is not great but they still gave me Tier 2 because I told them 2 other dealerships were giving me MF 0.00172 (Also, I have a paid off auto loan on my credit)

Considering your credit situation, that’s a pretty good deal.

Thanks Man! That’s all I wanted to hear, hahaha

Just if anyone wants to check/compare deals out there…

MSRP $24,645, gross cap cost $21,412 including the acquisition fee of $595. Everything rolled in brings us to $240/month incl. tax and really $0 drive-off. Couldn’t believe it as there was no other negotiation when we arrived at the dealership. All done via email. Certainly not the best deal, but definitely a solid one.

Saw the Sport with less MSRP going out for $199 in some places, but couldn’t go any closer to that.

ohhhh fapfapfap! enjoy the Civic!