2019 Honda Civic EX lease questions


Hello, does anybody know the MF, residual and lease/loyalty credits (if any) for a 2019 Civic EX? 36/10k in or around zip: 07601. Thank you in advance!


You should look over on Edmunds. They’re more likely to have the information you need.


Oh! Thank you, I’ll make a post over there as well. I appreciate the quick response though lol. I will still be leaving this open in case anybody on here can help me out.


Get that info from Edmunds forums and then report it back here to see if anyone can help you with all the other pieces


This is what someone answered on Edmunds:

.00108 MF and 60% residual
$600 incentive

If 10K/yr is available in your area, then 61% residual