2019 Honda Accord vs 2019 Acura TLX - Which would be the cheaper lease?

Leasing is all new to me and I’m still reading up and learning about it, but I think it’s the right option for me, with a family planned in the future and needing a bigger car once the family gets bigger.

Anyways, while doing some research, I came across an article from leasehackr, from 2017, saying how the accord is 40% more expensive than the tlx lease, even though the price tag is more.

How does this happen, and is this still the case?

I’m trying to keep my payments at about $300 a month, preferably less. I live in NJ.

I could use any help you guys are able to provide me. Any help will truly be appreciated. Please let me know if there’s any more information that I could provide. Thank you in advance.

Understand what affects a lease and you will answer this yourself. MSRP, residual, MF, discount, incentives.

An Accord LX will lease cheaper than any TLX. However a base TLX will lease cheaper than an Accord Touring. IMO the Accord even in 1.5T form is a vastly superior car until you get up to a TLX SH-AWD Tech.

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You’re not getting a TLX for $300 a month. Stick to Accord and the lower trim levels

I’m curious to see what happens as the 2019s start coming on the lot. Near me (DC metro area), there is a glut of 1.5 tourings. Several dealers have 15+ of these cars and only a few of every other model. Can’t imagine they are going to be able to move these without some heavy incentives, either purchase or lease.

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There was a thread on the 1.5 Touring from last month. You might be able to get that for less than $300

1.5T Touring is discontinuing for 2019. There are already big discounts and factory incentive on them.

Any idea why they’re discontinuing the 1.5T Touring?

Probably not enough takers. The 2.0T Touring is not discontinued.

Hmmm where do I find these big discounts and factory incentives? I don’t see any advertised

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If you search “Accord Touring” you will find a topic from last month with a plethora of information.

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Didn’t you indicate why in your original post? High inventory.

$34k 1.5T makes absolutely no sense. It’s priced above the 2.0 EX-L not to mention $4k above the 2.0T sport. 2.0T Touring is only $2k more, and if you care enough about saving money/fuel, you’ll either get a lower trim 1.5T or the Hybrid.

OP, if you’re dead set on an Accord, you’re better off financing it, as pricing is pretty aggressive. I ended up getting about $7k off of a 1.5t Touring.

Only other thing I can tell you is, negotiate with multiple NJ/NY dealers and have a NY dealer match/beat the best deal. Reason for this? The doc fee quoted in NJ from multiple dealers was anywhere between $449 and $599, while the doc fee in NY is capped at $75.

Was it $7k off before incentives or after?


these are the rebates applied: Flex cash($1500) and recent grad($500).

What if I prefer an EX model rather than the 1.5t touring?

Then buy an EX? I don’t understand what you’re asking.

That might be generally true but search the forum. Someone reported EXL (with nav?) was cheaper than lower trims due to higher incentives