2019 Honda Accord Sport

Honda Accord Sport
Does this seem fair?
$2150 DAS
$500 graduate
$193 MP
Offering 2000 for my trade (2011 Buick Regal turbo w/100k miles)
36 months /10k miles

Is the 2150 DAS before trade in?
So your essentially at 150 DAS and 193 p/no?

No…and you need to provide way more info.

What’s the MSRP, selling price and incentives?

Keep the trade out of it and sell it on Vroom/Carvana/facebook/craigslist/etc unless the dealer is going to make a comparable offer to what you can get elsewhere. $2k is legit insane.

Here’s Edmunds TMV with no options and average condition;

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2150 after the trade

Do what @chrishs2000 said and get back he’s 100% correct there giving you pennies for the trade in. Listen to him lol he knows his stuff