2019 Highlander Deal...Too good to be true

I put these numbers into the calculator and get a payment of $338. Using a sale price of $33,537 and a money factor of .0017. Deal is in Massachusetts. Why the big difference in monthly amount?

New 2019 Highlander LE V6 AWD with MSRP: $36,154. Lease requires approved credit; based on 10,000 miles per year, $0.15 per mile excess. Lease for $169 per month for 24 months with $5,861 due at signing (including $4,547 cash or trade down, first month’s payment of $169, documentary preparation fee of $479, and bank acquisition of $650). Tax, title, registration, and inspection fees are additional. $0 Security deposit. Lessee is responsible for insurance, maintenance, repairs, excess wear/tear, and $350 disposition fee where permitted by law.

4500 down?

Lol. 4.5k down for 24 months is like 190 a month extra. 190 plus 169 equal 359 a month for LE. I got Xle for that price for 15 k miles.

Do I have this right…you got an xle 24 months…15K miles for $359/mo with $0 down?

36 months only 1st due at signing

I am trying to get $4,500 for my trade.

Thanks…I’m trying to get $4500 for my trade leaving the remaining due at signing. Probably won’t need the 15K miles per year. What if I ask them for $169/mo for 36 months?

Sell your car privately. Then i will show you how to get the le for less than 300 a month

There’s a rep from expressway on LH

He just recently posted

Isn’t that still $1,200 down plus tax?

There is a difference between down and due at signing. I can show you how to make even the above offer better by using MSDs but it seems you still have a lot to learn about leasing … Please review the posts on this thread and search for highlander …

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Thanks for your patience vhooloo. I understand MSDs now but when applying 9 to the deal you sent me the monthly payment is still over the advertised amount. Please forward me a copy of the calculation that you could propose.

Hey! @st3v3park3r Yes I’m familiar with the dealership offering this on their site. A couple things to be aware of, you mentioned not needing the 15k miles per year which is a good way to keep costs down if you don’t need that many miles but this is actually already 10k per year not 15k. It mentions $0.15 cents per additional miles which is cost from Toyota if you go over on miles at end of lease which may be the confusion.

They also add on some extra fees you shouldn’t be paying. Acquisition, documentation & your plates are very standard costs but it mentions a fee for registration, inspection sticker, title, wheel locks etc It’s looking like over $6,000 due at signing. I guess if your trade is worth 4500 that’s going to cover most of it but you can certainly do a little better. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in working with me on customizing something for you or for any advice.

And yes our specials page which someone posted above is a zero down payment lease but your start up costs are due at signing. And yes tax is additional we have many RI and NH shoppers the dealership you’re checking out now tax is additional as well prob about 180 payment after tax. Best of luck!