2019 GTI SE, $429/$0 DAS or $399/$1000 DAS

I have been quoted for a 2019 GTI SE Manual Transmission w/ Experience Package:
MSRP $33,380
Selling price: $28,780 + tax and fees
Monthly: $0 down / $429, $1000 down / $399
Incentives: $500 New Grad, $425 Cash, $- Not sure about the Employer incentitive

Months: 39
Mileage: 10k
Residual: 52%
MF: 0.00117

Atlanta, GA area
Leasehackr: 7.9ish

Not great enough for me to seal the deal…

What do you guys think?


I agree with your comment, not a good enough deal to sign. These cars just don’t lease well. They are fabulous cars though, I have had a number of them.

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