2019 GTI Rabbit $1300 DAS $400/Month

Seems like a descent deal for VW. I hate leasing these cars!! What do you guys think?

2019 GTI Rabbit with manual transmission

**MSRP: $30,390
**Selling Price: $27,894
**Monthly Payment: $400
**Cash Due at Signing: $1300
**MSD: I was told VW does not accept MSDs

**Annual Mileage:10k

**Region:NorCal 95616
**Leasehackr Score:6.8 :frowning:

Any VW experts out there with some advice? This is after a few back and forths.


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I would buy it…or try to score a BMW 440 for similar dollars.


I have owned two GTIs, a MKVI and MKVII. Great cars. They are much better to buy; even more so with the new warranty. If you don’t mod the crap out of it, you can always get a good price on it when you go to sell it. Rabbit should hold a decent value as well.

If you must lease, sorry, I couldn’t do it at that price. I had a BMW 440i negotiated for $400 with zero DAS. More power, more comfort, rear wheel drive balance, free maintenance, luxury marque, etc. Since it was for my wife, I ended up going with a 430i for about $300 with zero DAS instead. All the same benefits except power is more in line with GTI.


I love the rabbit edition! What color are you looking at?

I was able to negotiate $4640 off selling price without too much hassle on a DSG model last week, but could not make a deal i was happy with in the end. Before i left they went up to $5640 but wouldn’t put anything on paper. I think you can definitely get that selling price lower especially since tomorrow is the last day of their July 4th promotions.

I’ve never really seen great lease numbers on GTI’s but if you are happy with the car and comfortable with the payment thats what matters right? Like Rob & Firefighter said i would purchase if it was me.

Yep, I got almost $6k off on my Rabbit when I bought it in March. Definitely a car that’s worth buying over the lease. They lease like crap.