2019 GMC Terrain SLE Lease

Hi Everyone, Been searching through Leasehackrs but no current info on leasing
a 2019 GMC Terrain SLE in the 34103 area code. I was looking for GM incentives
and other bonus discounts. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Contact a local dealer. Autobytel. Edmunds. Every trim has different MF, RV and regional incentives.

Looks like 3000 in incentives off the bat regardless of drive train or fuel type in your zip code. An additional 1500 for Non GM lease, or 500 for GM loyalty. Residual and Money factor are going to vary depending on length of lease, the drivetrain and fuel type and mileage of course. Edmunds can give you those based on the specs, trim and zip code along with the incentive info I pulled.

Very much appreciated!

Hi ElectricEliminator, My sales guy is not even mentioning the $3000 in incentives, when I go to Edmunds where do I find it on that site? Thanks! I’m pretty new at this!

I pulled them from Autobytel with your zip code. $2250.00 and $750.00 in lease cash for the SLE trim in your zip code. Edmunds has the same info on their incentive page too.



Keep in mind that the dealer isn’t going to mention anything that doesn’t work in their favor. Thinking you are getting a great discount when in reality it’s all factory money being deducted isn’t a great deal, since it doesn’t cost the dealer a penny. Search Cargurus for the trim, options and colors you want and/or are willing to accept within 100 miles from your zip code (I love Naples by the way, my wife is a proud Naples Dinner Theatre alum <RIP… To the Theatre, not her!>) And email dealers that have what you want asking for a sales manager to email you with the current selling price BEFORE any rebates and incentives are applied. There’s a dealer/dealers in Miami that seem to be offering big discounts on Cargurus, but I’m sure they are adding rebates in. Regardless that’s still a place to start because virtually all dealers advertise prices on sites like that with rebates included, so theirs has to be going lower somehow. Alternatively reach out to @mani_is_kool in Florida, he might your man if you’d rather deal with a broker instead.

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Wow, very much appreciate all the info, thanks for your valuable time! I knew what you meant that Naples Dinner Theater RIP not your wife,thank God! Thanks again as I will
take my time and try and get the best deal possible.

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Your “soft” target on a GMC should be around 10% off before incentives and rebates are applied. That should be doable, but let them lead with their best offer, don’t tip your hand on leasing or buying, just get a selling price before rebates and incentives first. Once you have that you can start to get serious about getting a lease quote. But make sure you have your ducks in a row, get the money factor and residual, get a breakdown of all taxes and fees being charged. My understanding is that Florida dealer fees are awful, so you might need to push for a bigger discount to make up for it.

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What are the numbers you are getting. Just curious as i have one in my driveway pretty cheap.

Hi 13p, Like I mentioned I’m new to this and they are just quoting this: I hope those
fees to up that monthly amount. I did not ask about the MF and such, what I’m most
concerned about is all the discounts and incentives that is owed me which should
be around $4500. So, that should cover that $1K down, and bring the other number
down and I figured my $325/Mo. could go down well under $300/Mo. Thanks!

With $4500 in rebates you should be way below $300/mo on a base SLE.

Get quotes with full details. Post the proposal here before you sign…

Yes, he who speaks first usually loses. They are quoting me:
$325/$1000dn/12000mi a ur/36mo According to Autobytel’s discounts showing
I should be able to wipe out that $1K down and then I should ask them to apply
the other incentives to the already discounted price? So confusing! Thanks!

HI chrishs2000, That’s what I’m hoping! So far they have not mentioned ANY
incentives given by GM, which is strange as another dealership did mention the
current competitive lessee discount of $1500…

Like I stated they won’t provide that “summary” sheet yet, where all the doc fees, taxes,
etc. but I’m glad for yours and others help on this forum, hope I don’t screw this up! lol

If they wont give you the sheet find another dealer.
Equinox is almost the same thing (chevy) MOST GMs are doing better o a 39mo right now (not all)
We had a 2015 SLE ( before redesign) the NA 4cyl was a dog, the seat material was uncomfortable in shorts, IDK what has changed interior wise, but atleast go for the 2.0 4cyl turbo

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HI 04DetroitLS, They said they are getting this vehicle from another dealer and they
don’t have the sticker sheet just yet. I know when I’m at the dealer ready to do business
then they will miraculously find the sheet I imagine! Thanks for your help!

Other than the 2 things I mentioned it was a great little car to scoot around town in

Hope your happy with it…:laughing:

Focus on the price of the car, not the price of the lease. Don’t even mention leasing. You need to get the selling price of the vehicle before any rebates and incentives are applied. Everything else flows from that number. And I’d focus on in stock units versus dealer trades because sometimes there’s less motivation for a dealer to discount a car that’s not on their lot. Not always the case, but it does play a factor sometimes.