2019 GLC300 AWD loaner vs 2020 GLC AWD

I am planning to lease GLC300. I need a suggestion 2019 GLC AWD loaner ~ 4300 miles vs 2020 GLC 300 AWD
2019 GLC: MSRP : 50315 ( loaded option AMG line, Pano etc)
Selling Price: 42265
Zero drive-off , 10 MSD , $1500 incetive ~ $440
Dealer giving 16% MSRP in first quote . Is it realistic to ask 20% MSRP ?
2020 GLC : MSRP : $48695
Selling Price : 45286 ( 7% MSRP)
what would be a realistic MSRP discount on 2020 GLC 300 AWD? should I ask for 12%
Zero Drive off 10 MSD ~555
Dealer matched both MF that I got from Edmund
2020 GLC not much changes backlight and some changes…Is it worth paying extra $ 115 ?

Don’t think of it as just $115, think of it as 26% more. Once you do that, the decision is very easy in my book.

I’m not sure how good / bad your deal is, but came here to chime in that the 2020 does have a fair amount of updates, the most notable ones being a new base engine and MUCH better infotainment. I’d compare them side by side to see if it’s worth the additional monthly. Id pay at most $30 a month more for a comparable 2020 vs 2019 but that’s just me.

I just closed on a 2020 glc300 loaner with 6k miles and was able to get 21.7% off msrp ($55k msrp to $43k sales price) and 10 MSDs to to bring it to $499/month BUT sales manager was not willing apply any incentives. Not sure how much ground or leverage on had in negotiating that in since they did give me a 21.7% discount… I tried but they kept saying no that it was already rolled in the discount. I didn’t believe them but I took it as a wash since the initial discount was pretty hefty. Leasehackr scored my lease at a 9.9