2019 GC Laredo E 4x4 Lease (NY)

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Hi guys, new to the forum. Just discovered this site after leasing this vehicle couple days ago and now feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse. Can you evaluate my deal? Willing to feel more like crap.

MSRP around $38k
DAS came out to be $2,800 (told them I wanted to put $2k down and pay DMV fees which was registration and tags)
Terms 36mo/10k miles
Monthly payment: $280
Honda incentive

Effectively your payment is $357. Not a terrible deal but definitely not a good one. I feel you could get a limited at that payment

Yeah I calculated that out too $357 initially but wouldn’t it be $350 effective because the first month payment got rolled into the $2,800 I paid?

Also, here in NY, best I got was $340 monthly on the limited with the same terms, giving me an effective $420/month. That was across four dealers, three in Westchester and one in CT.

Here lies your problem… NJ has cheaper prices for the most part. Enjoy the car, though. You got a decent, fair deal and didn’t get hosed by any means

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That’s not a bad deal at all. I got the same Laredo E last May 36/12k at an effective $340. You did fine

I guess I was looking at certain threads on this forum with people saying 300/monthly with 0 DAS…but now figured out that this excludes taxes paid upfront.

Thanks for sharing the effectives, makes it a lot easier. Learning a lot from this site already for my next lease, i.e. Shop in NJ and pay little as possible upfront.