2019 Ford Expedition Max Limited good deal?

Is this a good deal?

MSRP 76900

36 month lease
10.5K miles per year
735.93 including tax
0 driveoffs

It more or less fits the 1%, but we need more details for evaluation.

We really don’t. Fords generally don’t lease well, large SUVs don’t lease well, newer models don’t lease well, but this bucks all those trends and is a good to great deal. There’s no other expedition leases here to compare it to; nobody knows what type of discount off msrp OP should be shooting for. He just needs to get the interest rate and verify with edmunds that it isn’t marked up.

It makes sense to pick apart a deal on a vehicle that’s commonly discussed here just to make sure you’re getting rock bottom numbers. Not much point in doing it on a vehicle like this because there’s nothing to compare to.

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This is a great deal at 0 DAS. Good job.

I did 761/w tax on a 39/15k on a 2018 Ex limited 4x4 non max in February 2019. 76250 MSRP. I think it is a great deal for you! Did you use the Ford private offer?

Where are you located and who was the dealer? I’m looking for an Expedition Max also. Seems like a solid deal based on what I’ve seen with that vehicle.

I did use a 4000 private offer

What’s the discount before the PCO?

MSRP 76900
3000 off msrp
3500 in rebates.
4000 PCO
.72% money factor. This seems high to me, but Ford does their leases different I think
I don’t know residual. I’m assuming 58 to 60%

683.00 per month + tax 10,500 miles per year 36 month

705.00 for 12,000
and 748 for 15k per year

Ford expresses the interest rate as an APR instead of as an MF… a 0.72% APR would be great. APR = MF*2400

You can confirm both the MF/APR and the RV at Edmunds forums

Running the #'s, I think the residual is 57% and 0.72% APR.
It’s actually 76395 with a net of 70187.05 after rebate but before PCO.
I think I may try and grind another dealer on a platinum. I’m seeing some a 7.5% off msrp before rebates.

What makes you think .72 percent is a high interest rate? That’s almost borrowing money for free.

I figured that out. Ford calculates the MF different

Hi Everyone. I didn’t want to start a new topic since I’m looking for essentially this exact SUV. I’m in Los Angeles and am looking for a 2019 Expedition Max Limited 4x4 with equipment package 301A and Special Edition package. I got a quote through the Costco Auto Program. Is the following a good deal? Thanks in advance.

Market Value Selling Price 77,205.00
Total Savings 8,933.00
Adjusted Price 68,272.00
Doc Fee 85.00
Tax 167.86
Reg & Fees 1,438.75
Balance 69,963.61

Lease Payments Estimated
Cash Down 1,000 2,000 3,000
Total Drive-Off 1,000 2,000 3,000
36 Months 707 681 655
Plus Tax Plus Tax Plus Tax

Annual Mileage Allowed: 10,500

I messed around with the Leasehackr Calculator to match the $1000 driveoff and pretax monthly and got a score of 8.9 years. Is that good?

I’m running calc’s on several deals right now…seems that dealers are willing to give up to 12% off including rebates.

This deal seems to be not bad…and it’s advertised publicly on their website, without having to deal with the sales rep. $821 is just above the 1% at an $80K MSRP

Running the leasehackr calculator I get 9.3 years.

The 59% residual and 0.72% ARP help out quite a bit…


This means nothing. Forget you ever heard about a 1% rule. It is not a good metric.