2019 Ford Edge ST - Good Deal?



I’m getting the following offer in New Jersey but apologize as i don’t have much info so any advice would be appreciated.

2019 Ford Edge ST
MSRP $50,525
$1200 total out of pocket, includes first month as well.
$490 monthly payment
this is a 39 month lease

Thanks in advance.

Do you have the money factor and RV used for this deal?

Objectively… that’s a pretty decent payment with just first month and some fees due at signing.

Out of curiosity, any particular reason you want the Edge ST as opposed to the Edge Titanium? The Titanium trim presents a better value as the ST is neither as comfortable as the Titanium or even anywhere near being sporty enough to justify the ST badge. It’s just a re-packaged and overpriced Edge Sport.

Sorry don’t have the MF or RV.
I like the way the ST looks over the Titanium and i’m not so sure that the Titanium is so much more comfortable than the ST.
Just wanted to confirm that the deal itself is decent.

How many miles per year?

10,000 miles per year

Well, it’s a good deal. Definitely not the worst for an ST.

Fords aren’t known for leasing well so this is a very solid deal.

Thanks everyone!