I’ve been to several dealers, and this is the best deal that I could get. I thought it was a great deal because the other dealers could not meet it and let me walk, but reading the forum it seems that it may not be such a good deal, so I’d love your opinion!

  • 2019 Equinox 1LT with confidence and convenience package
  • MSRP 31,940
  • rebates: $3325
  • new NY registration
  • 39 months/15,000 m​iles year
  • DAS including all taxes, fees and first month: $630
  • monthly payment: $297
  • excellent credit

Keep in mind that you’re out of warranty for 10k miles on this lease, and you’re likely to need tires and brakes. What is selling price? That’s literally the only thing that matters for us to judge this deal. Have you reached out to any of the NY brokers on here?

In general, lease incentives are really mediocre right now on Equinox.

Thanks for your reply! I do know that, but I need the miles to commute everyday and ended up going over on my last lease (side point: GM Financial used to allow the $500 excess wear waiver to apply to miles but that ended as of March 1:( )

I don’t have the selling price, but will ask the dealer for it. I may have to go in person to get it and will get pressure to sign, so can you give me some rule of thumb at what selling price this is a good deal?


Since you have excellent credit, all you now need is patience to get a decent deal. Are you %100 set on the Equinox? I was looking at leasing the Equinox for my dad as his old Mercedes just broken down & is essentially junk at this point. I visited 3 Long Island Dealerships & their quotes to me were extremely laughable. Like @chrishs2000 suggested, reach out to a few of the lease brokers on the forum. You might just be surprised on what they can work out for you.

BTW: Make sure you also get the MF & RV for your current deal along with the selling price and use the lease calculator to see if you are getting the best deal possible.

Thanks, I will reach out to them! I’m not 100% set on the equinox but that’s what I drive now and it’s maturing this month.


Sent you a PM, please review it.

You are 100% correct, it’s gone from the March workbook. I didn’t even realize that it ended. That sucks!

Did the entire $500 wear program end or just the ability to apply to mile overage?

$500 wear and tear is still there. $500 mileage is gone. They were two separate benefits.

But they increased the money on a new lease this month from $1500 to $2000…at least that’s what happened in my case

“the money” is regional and depends on what incentives you qualify for. That is an unrelated coincidence.

Whatever…he’s in NY…I’m in NY…isn’t that regional?