2019 Equinox LT 24 mo $293 Sign and Drive

New here, so please bear with me. Recently was quoted $293 sign and drive.
2019 Equinox LT w/ Confidence and Convenience Package and 2.0T engine upgrade.

**MSRP: $32,615
**Selling Price: $27,397
**Monthly Payment: $293
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage:15,000
**Region: SE Michigan

Is this a fair price? Any recommendations for going about negotiating? Does anyone feel as though that there is room for negotiating at this price? Please let me know. I didn’t get MF/residual because this info is through my mother.

Seems decent to me considering it is 15k miles per year. If she’s happy with it, I’d sign the lease. Costco could help sweeten the deal with the $700 giftcard though


I’ve been looking at GMC Terrain for my nephew and there’s a huge incentive for 2018 models.

Include tax?

The incentives on Terrain aren’t that great this month. Not sure where you are seeing a huge incentive

Yes, the price is including tax.

There doesn’t seem to be too many 18’s left in my area. I am only seeing a 1.6 diesel left

Pretty sure the 2018 equinox/terrain lease support has been pulled

Looks pretty legit, just need more of a breakdown of selling price/rebate/fees, is this this employee pricing? Since it’s Michigan I have to ask.

There is a huge $8,600 lease incentive on the 18 Terrain in some markets, but not others.

Edmunds states there are but had any dealer confirmed so yet?

You are right! Lease support for the 2018’s have been pulled.

For this quote though, it is with GM employee pricing. I should have specified that before.

Incentives per dealer website:

Price reduction below MSRP: -$1,303
Lease loyalty: -$500
Lease loyalty purchase cash: -$1,500

Cash allowance: -$2,937 (not available with special finance or lease, so would not apply)

That discount looks like supplier not employee, it’s only 4%. Employee is invoice minus holdback, it’s a net net deal. If you’re only supplier you can probably get them down lower, get some quotes from other dealers.

So consulting the dealer invoice sheet that was sent to us, it looks like sticker is $32,615, and with employee discount comes down to $29,876. It is employee discount not supplier. Does this sound more right to you? I believe that the $29,876 price should be before those incentives I previously added. Maybe there was a miscommunication with the dealer as employee pricing cannot be fudged I thought. Or maybe I am completely wrong. Looking for cars can be frustrating.

I just pulled a locate for a similar MSRP Equinox

Employee: 30,219.22
Supplier: 31,424.40

Hopefully that helps

Sorry I was looking at your “Price reduction below MSRP: -$1,303” and not your original post, your discount off MSRP is $5,218. As long as the MF isn’t marked up and there are no aftermarket add ons, this deal is probably as good as it gets. Great payment on an Equinox with the 2.0T. I doubt Costco stacks on this deal, that’s the only thing I can think of. Jezz and I just noticed it was 24mo., yeah this deal is great.

Sorry, didn’t realize it was selective regions. I’m in SoCal and it’s $8,600.

For the Costco card, do you have to go through their selected dealers to get the cash card? I do not want to have to do this all over again. Or can I just give them proof of my lease and membership & I will receive a card?

Tell the dealer you have Costco and they can make you eligible for it. You cannot do what you just asked. It isn’t possible