2019 Enclave Premium FWD...Need Opinions

Greetings, first post here. I know I’m missing some details but wanted to post what’s happened so far. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this site until after talking to the dealer. He should be sending me detailed numbers tomorrow.

It’s a 2019 Enclave Premium FWD 36mos/10k miles. Demo car with 3k miles. We’ll be turning in our 2016 Envision lease.

MSRP: $51395
$3000 down for $525/mo.

Initially they offered 620/mo, but now that I’ve read this site the 525 doesn’t seem like a very good deal.

What I’m wondering about is after he told me 525 I gave him the code for a supplier discount and he gave me the line, “it’s already discounted way below supplier pricing.” Then I asked him about an email I received from GMF for $2500 lease loyalty and he says, “it’s already included.” :man_facepalming: So anyways, I’ll post the detailed numbers tomorrow but it sure seems like some BS. The reason I asked about this vehicle to begin with is its listed as must go with $11,000 off the MSRP of $51,000, but he said that’s only for financing.

Welcome to LH and thanks for your service. You’ve already indicated that you know you need to provide a lot more info. Make sure to stop by the 101 section and read the stickies for new members, https://leasehackr.com/blog?category=Leasing%20101

Once you understand the concepts, then you reach out to the dealer(s) and either ask them for a Lease sheet or at min to provide you with the following;

  • MSPR
  • Selling price before any incentives being applied
  • Money Factor (MF)
  • Residual Value (RV)
  • Lease Term / Miles per yr

Then you research the MF, RV and any incentives avail for your zipcode at Edmunds and compare that info w/ what your deal includes. You might find the dealer is playing games and elevating the RV/MF numbers to their advantage.

Then come back and post deal details here w/ all the above info for eval and guidance. But for the Enclave you should be targeting a min of 10% off for a new vehicle, and 12-15% off for a demo. So the numbers you mention above stink, they mention 11k off a 51k car, which is 20%, but then tell you thats only for a purchase, which should make no difference.

Find out their best selling price, before including any incentives, you’ll know what you can qualify for, and can figure out the rest w/ help from here. Good Luck!

Go to Edmunds, find out what the RV/mf and incentives actually are. From there, you can put together the numbers based on a reasonable discount for a demo and have an idea of what the numbers should be. Then, you’ll be in a position to actually evaluate this deal and.know what you should offer.

Edit: looks like I got beat to the punch

No good, that’s X3 money.

Thanks for the advice. The MF is 0.00102 RV is 59% with only $750 in incentives per Edmunds. I’m waiting on the dealer to provide lease sheet this morning.

Please post lease sheet when you have it. Also, where are you located and what is the $750 incentive they show for you?

Are you a Costco member prior to Oct 1st? If so, there a gift card worth $300-750 as well as discounted pricing. Also, based on your username, I assume you’ve served and would be entitled to a Military discount as well.

You say “unfortunately” as though you’ve already signed something. Even if you did, most states allow for a cooling off period if you don’t pick up the car. If this is the deal you’ve signed, exercise whatever right you can to nullify the agreement. Without the numbers I don’t know what you effective monthly payment would be, but as others have suggested, you’re paying a TON of extra money in to this lease. Thousands of dollars. Reset. Walk away from this deal and read a lot on this site. Then go back and negotiate. My saving grace was that I didn’t pick out a particular car. I just tried to find the best deal. For perspective, I ended up with a 2019 Toyota Tundra Crewmax OffRoad ($48,000ish MSRP) for $297.18 a month with absolutely nothing down. Sign and drive. It’s a 24/12K lease. I never would have even thought that was possible until I read up on this site and got some advice from the experts here. Good luck!

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I don’t think OP signed anything, I saw he posted an hour ago on another thread for an Enclave asking how did they negotiate their discount level.

@USMarine1171 please update your thread and let us know where things stand. I asked some questions which could help your deal quest, but you have to get more info from the dealers and provide updates for folks to help.

Dealer gave me run-around. Said they won’t give details over text/phone after I’ve already been in twice. Said that’s not how they do things, and if they did I would just use it to shop elsewhere. Well, I’m definitely shopping elsewhere after this. Wouldn’t even give me selling price and rebates. Was gonna meet with their “lease guy” yesterday then all of a sudden he won’t be there that day. I live in East Texas they’re the only dealer for 30 miles and they’re the biggest for probably 50 miles. So I’m sending out some emails to dealers further out that have demo Enclaves to see what I can work out. Definitely have a better understanding of the process and factors used in determining the lease. I was thinking of proposing a selling price right off the bat 12-15% below MSRP then see where we can get to. Then once we have a selling price I can throw out supplier discount code. Or should I offer 20% to try to get to 12-15%?

Cast your net around 100 miles or so, and don’t limit yourself to just demos and loaners. You’re looking for a 10K lease to start, and you’re going to lose the demo miles right off the bat. GM demos aren’t usually discount magnets like BMWs, in many cases you can do just as well on new stock if you shop around. 20%, even 15% I’d say is very unlikely, especially 20%.

Ok. Most of the listings I’m coming across are discounted 5-6% then the supplier discount should get me almost 10%. For my zip there is only $250 lease cash and $500 customer incentive. But every month around the 20th Buick has sent me an email for $2500 lease loyalty. Since the first dealer didn’t cooperate I have no idea what they were using in their calculations. The last I heard they had just “found” some rebates that they were going to try to use. Then crickets.

If they were “finding” anything it was probably Flex Cash/Dividends to throw towards the deal if needed. They don’t sound very transparent, I’d start over on CarGurus looking within 100 miles of your zip code, emailing sales managers for the selling price before any rebates and incentives for the car you’re interested in. Start there, no mentioning of leases, supplier codes… get a price for the car first. Someone just recently posted getting 10.9% off an Enclave before incentives, I’d be looking for close to that. I don’t know where in East Texas you are, but using a Beaumont zip code I only found 24 2019 FWD Premiums within 100 miles of there. That’s not great, but the flip side is that these will be losing lease support from GM fairly soon, so that works in your favor.

Thanks for that link! Only 9 FWD Premiums within 100 miles of me :hushed: I’m in 75904. Pretty sure I’m gonna have to travel given most are in Houston which is almost 2hrs away. Dallas is almost 4hrs away, but I’ll start with these 9 and go from there.

Trying to help my Texan fella here…
See the huge different between 2019 Enclave Essence ($2500) vs. Premium ($750), this would essentially impact your deal a lot!

So if you really want to get to 1% MSRP or below, go with Essence. Premium/Avenir incentives are just too sparse.

You could target 10-12% off MSRP before incentive then stack it with lease cash ($2500) + loyalty offer ($2500, mine was conquest offer only $2000).

Final step is to ensure you have correct RV% and base MF (from edmunds), and ask for TX tax credit. Good chance you’ll get solid deal :wink::wink:


One more thing, I just had a fairly good experience with one dealer there in San Antonio (75mi from me). If you are interested, PM me for more info.
Didn’t want to post free ad for them yet :rofl::rofl:
YMMV, though.

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Current situation 2019 Enclave Premium w/2500 miles 39/10k lease

Tried to get selling price to 12% off MSRP but got nowhere so I walked. These TX taxes are rough. Said they had no tax credits to use toward taxes.