2019 E53 Deals (please help)

hey guys!

Would you check if i got a good deal?

Zip: 98122

E53 Coupe
Current miles: 1,000
MSRP: $85,095
Discount: 20%
Selling price: $68,076

Trade in 2018 GLC 43
Current miles: 12,500
Value: $42,000
Remaining balance: $25,000
Trade Value: $17,000

Sales Sub Total: $26,000
Tax: $2,704
Fees: $1,053

Lease option 1: $648.30/36mo 10K/yr (Including down payment $17,000)
-Does this make sense? I am not sure about MF or APR but it seems really high.
Idk why they thought I would put $17,000 for leasing

Lease option 2: $1077.89/36mo 10K/yr ($0 down payment)

If you do some research on this forum (search function), you’ll know we do not support putting down payments on leases, specifically, 17k dollar down payments are very bad.

Why not just sell the GLC 43 third party and lease with no DAS? You can always just put 17k in a bank account and draw from that amount each month to pay the lease?

You’re going to need a complete break down of the discount and incentives and the money factor/residual value in order for us to fully evaluate this deal. Simply too much information is missing to evaluate it based on its merits.

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You have to ask on Edmunds forums. You also need to shop around on the E53 prior to discussing any trade. You need to try to sell the GLC for more than the trade-in offer.

No one can help you if you don’t help yourself