2019 E450 4MATIC Sedan Lease ($793/Month with Tax)

2019, Mercedes Benz, E-Class, E450 4MATCI SEDAN:
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**MSRP: $75765
**Selling Price: $66450 (12.3% off MSRP)
**Monthly PreTax: $728 ( < 1% of MSRP :slight_smile: )
**Monthly Payment (Tax included): $793
**Cash Due at Signing: $3000
**MSD: maximum MSD’s 10 ($9500)
**Incentives: None

**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF:0…00194 ( before 10 MSD’s)
**MF:0…00124 ( after 10 MSD’s)
**Residual: 59%

**Region: CA ( BayArea)
**Leasehackr Score:8 years

I think this was pretty good deal, any thoughts ?

Was a good deal? As in you signed?

If so, congrats and enjoy the Benz.

If not, the Acq Fee is marked up $300. The money factor sucks, but you’re maxing it with MSD, and that’s all you can do.

And, not to be a jerk, but a cap reduction nullifies this particular deal from 1%. With the $3k down it’s an effective ~$811 pre tax. I’m not saying it’s a bad deal at all. It’s a good discount—depending on how much is incentives. It’s possible there’s a little more room.

I hate when they mark up Acq. But they often won’t budge, particularly if you beat them up pretty good already.


Probably as good as you’ll be able to do given the model is brand new and there is no lease cash at this point. MF is brutal as well. You should check if you qualify for a fleet discount through your job or if you are a United member. If you qualify, it would knock another $1k off of your sales price.

Not sure why there is a smile face by the 1%

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Or at least, put a frown face by the MF and the cash due at signing …

Overall, that’s a lot of money for an E-class… Almost 7-series money…


Should be at least a :wink: if not a :rofl:


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I agree that its not a good. Seems I recall S classes being advertised for $800 with similar cash due

I highly…highly doubt that an S class ever went for $800 a month after drive offs and $1,600 CCR.