2019 CX-5 FWD Touring w/ Preferred - $357



Got it! I’m interested to see if the March year end would look like! Do you know if anything happened last year?


From my view point last March had some great lease deals (including the Buick Encore, Volt, Bolt, Equinox, Malibu, CX-5/3, Camry, Civic and a lot of others). Maybe some admin in the forum can do a data pull during that time to verify the deals.


Damn, speak of the devil: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/30/fed-leaves-rates-unchanged.html


That doesn’t necessarily mean Mazda won’t raise rates next month.


Someone please correct me if I’m looking at this wrong, but I was just going over the numbers I was given again.

357.97 x 36 = 12,886.92 (total lease amount)
The residual amount is 17,680.85
17,680.85 + 12,886.92 = 30,567.77
That’s nearly $1,600 above MSRP!

Is that normal on lease deals? Or is that just showing me how bad this deal really is?


It’s called the money factor.


not to mention taxes and fees.

Just think: if you financed it for 60 mos at 3.99% with $0 DAS, you’d pay about $33k for it.


You have tax on 12K, which is nearly 1000 at your rate. plus various inception fees including state registration and lease inception of close to 1000. So that’s 2K right there.


Yeah, people seem to forget you’re borrowing capital (in the form of a car). No one is going to lend that for free

But we can hope for .00001 mf, right?


Got it, I’m still learning this stuff so please forgive my ignorance. Thanks all.


They had it last month…maybe March again for FYE push


What do you guys think of this deal for a touring without Preferred for 15/30?

MSRP: 27,810
Discount Savings: -2710
Vehicle Selling Price: 25,100
Document Prep Fee: 85.00
License / Title: 381.00
Tire/Battery/VTR Fee: 8.75
Other Fee: 30.00
Acquisition Fee: 595.00
Total Cap: 25695.00
Trade in: -1,030.00
Rebate Savings: -850.00
Net Cap: 23816

Monthly before tax: 255.86
Monthly after tax: 280.17


Not bad.
I was able to close recently on a 2019 GT Premium for 349 a month and 2082 DAS.
Overall about 12% off msrp. This is about 10 so not bad!