2019 CX-5 FWD Touring w/ Preferred - $357



Hello! Thank you to everyone in this forum for giving so much good info. I’m looking to lease, specifically something along the lines of a CX-5 type (preferred car of choice, but I’m not dead set on it either). I really wanted the Grand Touring trim, but their quotes on that came back to roughly $20 a month higher - and while sure that’s not huge by any means, it adds up. I reached out to few dealers and this is the best offer so far I’ve gotten (FYI I’m based just outside of Los Angeles county) on a 2019 CX-5 FWD Touring with Preferred Equipment package lease:

$0 down, potential ~$1000 trade in
My tax rate: 7.25

MSRP: 28,985.00
Discount Savings: -1,616.00
Vehicle Selling Price: 27,369.00
Document Prep Fee: 85.00
License / Title: 389.00
Tire/Battery/VTR Fee: 8.75
Other Fee: 30.00
Acquisition Fee: 595.00
Tax on Collected Items: 134.13
Capitalized Initial Fees: 357.97
Total Cap: 28,968.85
Trade Allowance: -1,000.00
Rebate Savings: -850.00
Net Cap :27,118.85

Base Payment: 333.77
Monthly Tax: 24.20
36 Month Payment: 357.97
Capitalized Initial Fees: -357.97

1st Payment: 357.97
Due On Delivery: 0.00

Rate: 0.00160
Annual Miles: 12,000
Residual % [28,985]: 59+2=61%
Residual Amount: 17,680.85

All taxes and fees are included in the above monthly. Another dealer nearby said they’d match that offer, but by $2 less a month (however, they aren’t giving me a nice breakdown like this).


It’s not a great deal from what I can tell, but Mazda’s are rarely discounted.
I would email blast other dealers nearby for their best quote and ask if they can beat this.
I’m in the market for this as well and have noticed some resistance to discounting this car.
Good luck!


The lack of discounts is something I find strange. Every dealer inventory I check shows a lot of them sitting on the lot. Perhaps February will have deeper discounts, but something tells me that won’t happen.


there’s not a ton of markup on Mazda between MSRP + Invoice, so you’ll rarely, if ever, find a dealer willing to give a substantial discount, unless they’re looking to hit a number.


Im in the same boat been looking for a CX-5 GT w/ premium package and nobody is giving more then 6% discount and payments are 400+. Im also in the LA area and I’ve talked to 5 dealers so far and nothing good. Im hoping february the MF goes down a bit. good luck! post if you find something good


The 0.00160 MF seems high. Check edmunds for the buy rate. You need to get that selling price down. Finally, this is the third time that I’ve seen CA dealers levying tax on tax. I know the Demorats want to raise taxes but, geez, tax on tax, too?


@delta737h Don’t bring politics into this. Continue to do it and your posts will be chucked to the landfill. Warning.

That MF is correct as well.


Agree. But, just be careful not to over step your authority… you’re being monitored… look what happened to Ursus.


Don’t worry about my authority. Stick to the topic on hand.


I’ve been looking at this car (GT, or GT Reserve or even Signature) here in Los Angeles…the deals, to put it mildly, are putrid and I’ve now gotten at least half a dozen quotes from various dealers.

It’s leasing like a 45-50K car.

I like the car, but not that much! I’ll take a loaded Q5 for a few dollars more.


Seriously - it’s kind of brutal. Ideally I’m looking in the sub $330/mo range but this car is just so nice (hence I guess why they’re so adamant on not giving out discounts). Any other suggestions on alternatives?

I’ve keep checking this site: http://www.realcartips.com/news/ to see what the best new discounts are, but I find most of the CX-5 competitors either ugly or very boring.

  1. Keep looking and hope you get lucky
  2. Wait till Feb/Mar and see if numbers get better
  3. Get fewer options


Sounds about right. Thanks for the help! In your opinion, do you think the numbers will get any better? One dealer said they may get worse due to interest rates going up, but part of me thinks that was just some tactic to get me to make an impulse buy.


How badly do you need it? Did you try reaching out to other dealers?
I’ve seen Lexus NX300’s go around 400 on here, they come fully loaded. That’s my other choice


I can wait a week or two, but at that point I’ll have to pull the trigger on something. The CX-5 deal seems alright up until you start looking at what other people are paying for other vehicles (for example, that NX300 you mentioned).


Keep me updated! I’m on the same boat. I really love the look of the CX-5 but as they say, shop the deal not the car


That’s how I feel, too. I was actually hoping to get a CX-5 Signature as my next car. The MSRP looks great compared to a GLC/Q5/X3, but then when you see what the actual transaction price is…


Interest may go up, that is true. Numbers could get better in March though, as that is Mazda’s fiscal year end. No guarantees though. I wouldn’t expect them to get drastically better. Maybe 750-1500 in lease cash. The rate did skyrocket…last month it was almost 0.


Rates are based on market right? Doesn’t that mean that the fed rate non-hike should keep rates lower? or am i completely wrong?


Rates are based on market to some degree, yes. Captive banks can do whatever they please though with their rates to drive business.