2019 Cherokee Trailhawk


I’d appreciate Hackrs thoughts on this potential deal. It is a fully loaded 2019 Trailhawk Elite. I’m in PA and dealer is in VA.

3 year lease with 12k a year.

Lots of fees which I didnt expect.


What is your zipcode?

What extra fees are you talking about? You might want to add Grand to the title, that list price doesn’t look like a regular Cherokee

I think its the regular cherokee only because shows in $1750 rebates (without loyalty or conquest) which is the exact amount.

For Grand Cherokee Trailhawk its 3K in rebates. (without loyalty or conquest).
Mid-Atlantic Region.

$7693 is not the true saving off of MSRP. The destination fee of $1495 is part of the MSRP that they broke down to make it look like you getting a bigger discount.

Besides all that, Looks like a good deal to me (approx 4K under invoice before incentives)

Zip code is 18640

And it is a regular Cherokee Trailhawk.

I thought the same that the destination fee is already in the MSRP.

Looks like a great deal to me…6k off MSRP plus you getting rebates on top of that.

What Bank were they quoting you on? Ally? If was Chrysler Capital you should be getting an extra 1K.

If through Chrysler Capital use the first 2 rebates if through Ally use only the first one which is $1750.

Has to be Ally - has best programs for this car.